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Oct 29, 2023
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Building Department : Douglas County Building Department suiome % 1036 SE Douglas, Room 106 DEPARTHENT Justice Building - Douglas County Courthouse Roseburg OR 97470 Inspection Line (54 1) 440-4284 Business Office (541) 440-4559 Tax (541) 440-4297 Toll Free 1-800-224-1619 ext. 4559 When submitting plans for review a minimum of two sets of plans are required. Plans and specifications must be drawn to scale. - 1200 PLOT PLAN Show location of proposed building and/or addition in relation to property lines and other existing structures. Show names of streets or roads and distances to right-of-way from the proposed building: Show approximate dimensions of property lines. Show existing structures on property and indicate their use. 60.0' PROPERTY LINE FOUNDATION PLAN Show size, shape and dimensions of foundation e _ ¢ and/or basement walls. Show size and location of Jeor it g E g all posts, girders, joists and connectors. Show ! : rl footing drain and access locations. Show areas to ] =SS "—"'i [ be filled and indicate depth of fill. i o i ' 3 = "—':——J L 4TS e, e e 3 A ey i ey ) b FLOOR PLAN o . st Aus A rw Fue 40D ELparury Show a floor plan of each floor or level, including basements and lofts or mezzanines. Show use of all rooms or areas or the size, location and type of all doors, windows, stairs and wall openings serving the rooms or areas. Indicate the location " and type of chimneys, heating systems, plumbing 3 e - . fixtures, fire-places, skylights and household 4 e - appliances. Indicate sizes of total building and z 5 I areas or rooms in building. Indicate on plans any == = S e decks or porches serving the building.
f"\lI_"_<'f PO TTTTITIIR LEET ELEVATION ELEVATIONS Show elevations of two views. Show chimneys, windows, doors, pertinent vertical dimensions and exposed structural beams and /or posts. Indicate grade of building site in immediate area of building. i Indicate energy compliance path Jor insulation, doors and windows Comp Roofing on 154 Felt Manfactured Trusses @ 24" OC over 12" CDX Plywd Shing 58" Drywall All Ceilings ] X $"Headers Typ | % || #2* Drywant | ils : All Wa [ 71-11 Plywd Siding p—— 2"X6" Studs @ 16" OC I NeD e s e TYPICAL FOUNDATION DETAL o ve oo o . EERLTITE S v - B R B T Bk CROSS SECTION Show size and spacing of all framing members. Indicate type and thickness of all floor, wall, roof sheathing and roof covering. Show ceiling height, roof pitch and indicate finish materials to be used. Show bearing partitions and foundation footing and/or pier pads. Indicate finish grade and call out areas to be exccavated. Specify amount of reinforcing steel in foundations or retaining walls. Indicate finish grade in relation to any retaining walls. Indicate excavation slopes R . . N and fill slopes and specify height or depth of rareny each. b gz toagupp o EOENGERNE . YN P et oo ot e 1. Any dimensions shown on these examples are for reference only and probably do not apply to your building plan or plot plan. Member sizes are shown to demonstrate information required. 2. The minimum plans shown on this sheet are acceptable minimum plans for a relatively simple structure using standard construction methods. 3. Any other type of construction involving more complex construction methods may require a more complete set of plans including roof framing plans, floor framing plans, beam connection and/or post connection details, etc. Underground houses or houses built in a high hazard flood plain area must be stamped by an Oregon Licensed Engineer.
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