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ENG 150
Oct 25, 2023
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 Discussion Primer & Zoom Report (FAML 430) Name: Shannen McCabe Week 6 Primer: Strength-Based Approaches 1. Nuggets: Share four big ideas, favorite quotes, or key ideas from your study of the material this week. a. Leadership has historically involved the orchestration of people's endeavors to minimize the conspicuousness of the system's imperfections, as articulated by Peter Drucker. b. The most impactful leaders are those who emulate the teachings of Jesus Christ, embracing service to others instead of domineering authority. c. Frequently, we tend to fixate on our imperfections and challenges, neglecting our inherent strengths and the resilience they offer. d. According to Martin Seligman, achieving a fulfilling life hinges on harnessing your distinct talents to yield enduring happiness and achievement. 2. Nuggets: Share four principles, seeming truths, or like unto us statements following an "if- then" format. (Example: If we give children choices, then they will be personally invested in their choice, motivated in their action, and take responsibility for their behavior. Responsible children are given choices.) a. By adopting an optimistic outlook on life, we have the power to make meaningful improvements. b. Maintaining a positive perspective on life equips us to navigate life's challenges more effectively. c. Engaging in shared service with those under our leadership is key to becoming the most impactful leaders. d. If altering our actions and outcomes through a mindset of gratitude, determination, and hopeful optimism is possible, then we should consistently strive to discover the bright side in every challenging situation. 3. Nuggets: Share two challenges to, or elaborations of, the material you studied this week following a "but" or "however" format. ( Example: But , the choices we give children must be developmentally, experientially, and culturally appropriate for the unique context of each child.) a. But, our perspective is influenced by both our expectations and our prior experiences. b. People often align their actions with their perceptions due to the close relationship between the two. 4. Use the table below as a means to capture your ideas for building a developmental asset in children or youth. Consider a plan for mobilizing your community in an effort to build this developmental asset in your community. Be prepared to share your ideas and simple plan as captured in the table below during your weekly Zoom meeting. 40 Developmental Assets What asset will you build? I will focus on enhancing my social skills and interpersonal abilities. What asset category? My most significant asset category will be my intangible assets, particularly my social skills. Ideas for building it? I propose forming numerous small groups of young people to partake in a wide variety of group activities 2f53ce4d26a7e087e8f895b430a354f334d77505.docx/October 25, 2023 Page 1 of 1
and to foster meaningful conversations among themselves and their peers. Mobilizing Your Community How will you engage youth as actors instead of objects? Youth will assume leadership of their own groups and set their own agendas, involving them as active participants rather than passive recipients. Adults will primarily serve as facilitators. What relationships will you nurture and expand? I aim to foster and develop the relationships between the youth within the groups and the individuals guiding those groups. How will you make sure that everyone has a friend, a responsibility, and an opportunity to grow and help others grow? Encouraging a sense of responsibility can be achieved by involving family members in planning tasks, allowing children and teenagers to explore and develop their unique skills, promoting intellectual growth, and fostering a sense of belonging in the local community. What resources will you need and how will you gather them? Necessary resources will include volunteer adults to assist with group activities, which can be obtained through community-based interviews and advertisements. The specific material requirements of the groups will depend on their planned activities, such as creative projects or sports, and could be acquired through donations from local businesses and organizations. How will you compose a team with the needed skill sets, needed demographic diversity, and needed access to networks? You'll need a team that can open doors, promote activities, and acquire resources? Prioritizing volunteers with prior experience working with youth is essential for this group. Individuals within the community who hold positions that promote activities and provide resources may also play a valuable role in supporting these groups. How will you sustain interest and support your effort for the long term? I plan to disseminate information about these organizations in spiritual and educational spheres to maintain a dedicated following and enthusiastic backing. Long-term motivation and success will be ensured by embracing differing viewpoints and approaches. 5. First as an individual, and then as a design team of social entrepreneurs who want to change the world during your next Zoom meeting, how would you use Appreciative Inquiry if you were the owner of either a nature-based preschool program, or an online family coaching service. Take your pick. AI 4D Process Model Discovery How can we enhance our parenting skills? Dream Fostering the growth of parental abilities that may require improvement. 2f53ce4d26a7e087e8f895b430a354f334d77505.docx/October 25, 2023 Page 2 of 1
Design Encourage parents to express their needs for support in developing parenting skills and incorporate their suggestions into a class format that promotes active discussion and learning. Destiny How are individuals utilizing their newfound abilities? AI Principles Construction Principle The program can be adapted by discussing the knowledge and skills desired by parents (Words can shape entire universes). Simultaneity Principle Exploring parenting techniques helps identify program content topics, with change stemming from the questions asked. Poetic Principle The program's curriculum is determined by the staff (We have the autonomy to select our own subjects). Anticipatory Principle Envisioning personal growth as parents inspires and sustains the program's progress (Motivating people to act through the medium of photography). Positive Principle Inquiring about the ways in which their lives have improved as a result of these abilities will facilitate the program's expansion to address more domestic needs (Posing constructive questions yields constructive responses, hence the name). a. How will you identify the positive things you or the industry is already doing (positivity core)? We can pinpoint these elements by self-assessment and keenly observing the ongoing positive developments. b. How will you engage your stakeholders and employees in the process? To secure support from stakeholders and staff, I would organize regular brainstorming sessions involving everyone concerned. They would be encouraged to participate in meetings to provide input before, during, and after sessions. c. What specific actions will you take during each of the processes in the 4D cycle? In the Discovery phase, I would explore various approaches for formulating the inquiry and developing the solution. In the Dream phase, I would conduct a survey to gather participants' aspirations and desires regarding the program's direction. During the Design phase, I would collaborate with my team to create a program that aligns with our objectives and the needs of the participants. In the Destiny phase, I would engage in post-program debriefs with participants and my team to identify and learn from the most effective practices. d. What specific actions will you take to honor the tenets of AI as presented in the 5 principles? I will encourage the team or family to cultivate a growth mindset, focusing on their strengths. e. What would an AI summit look like with your business? An AI summit, attended by all relevant parties, would be an open forum for sharing suggestions to enhance the program. Participants would form groups to act out various scenarios as part of prototype program development, providing valuable feedback on program improvements. 2f53ce4d26a7e087e8f895b430a354f334d77505.docx/October 25, 2023 Page 3 of 1
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