BSBSUS201 - Written AssessmentPart B

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Oct 30, 2023
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BSBSUS201 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices Assessment 2 - Written Assessment Trainee Name Jose James de la Paz Trainee ID Number 50122 Trainer/ Assessor Name Karni Singh Submission Attempt Attempt 1 - Attempt 2 - Attempt 3 - Trainee Declaration : "I hereby certify that: This assessment is my own work based on my personal study/research, in my own words. I have cited all sources and material used to assist my research for this assessment. I have not copied or plagiarized any part of this assessment from another student. I or any other student has not submitted this assessment previously. I have kept a copy for my own records. I am aware of the availability of reassessment consistent with the Institute's Reassessment Policy. I understand my right to appeal the assessment or reassessment outcome, as per the Institute's Complaints and Appeals Policy. Trainee Initials Date JJD 03/09/2022
1 List 3 places/ specific sources that provide information / advice on how to improve an organisations environmental performance 1. 2. 3. Environment Victoria Australian Consorvation Foundation Environment Protection Authority 2 List 5 changes a typical office could make to improve their environmental impact 1. Paperless office 2. Use energy efficient machines/inverters 3. Reuse the rags by cleaning it every day instead of using a new one 4. Use Webinars or meetings virtually so people won't travel just to attend meetings 5. Use mugs or glasses instead of using disposable cups for drinking 3 What is the name of the current environmental legislation that affects your current workplace (or the college in which you are studying) List at least 3 . Australian Energy Market Act 2004 Clean Energy Regulatory Act 2011 Recyclingf and Waste Reduction Charges (General) Act 2020
4 In your own words, how does the following legislation affect your role in the workplace? antidiscrimination legislation We are all treated fairly no matter what your age, gender identity, marital status, race and etc. ethical principles Ethics in the workplace is needed in the workplace in order to help people how things needed to be done and this will serve as a foundation to have a harmonious workplace. codes of practice This help the employees of the organization follow the standard practice and directions on every responsibilities they are assigned to do. privacy laws PDPA helps the customers protect their information away from scammers and frausters which part of the responsibility of the organization.Depart occupational / workplace health and safety This helps the organization in the workplace practice the standards of health and safety.
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