Information Technology Jobs

Info-Tech Job Postings In this assignment, you will research 3 job postings in Info-Tech. You can search from multiple online sources including popular sites such as Indeed and Career Builder. Search for postings that are of interest to you and a job that you might consider applying for in the future. A few things to consider during your search are listed below. Qualifications - what is the company looking for from an ideal candidate. Job Responsibilities - what are some of the major responsibilities that are described in the posting. Education - what is the minimum requirement for education that the position requires. Skills - what type of skills are a good match for this job and what does an ideal candidate have to offer. Use your favorite search engine to research 3 job postings in Info-Tech. You can use keywords to help narrow your search or go with a wildcard search for a variety of IT postings. Deliverable You will submit a written response that contains your summary of your IT job search. Please type your response in the completion box below. You may also write up your answers in a text document and then copy/paste into the completion box here in FSO. Type each question below and then answer the question below it. Summarize all 3 postings in your own words. Describe the process to find the 3 job postings. What words did you use in your search? Did you search for positions of personal interest? Did you find it easy or hard to find relevant IT postings? What did you learn from this experience? NOTE: Your answers should follow along with the rubric requirements.
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