CHTM 00105

CHTM 00105 CHUKA UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY EXAMINATIONS FIRST YEAR EXAMINATION FOR THE AWARD OF CERTIFICATE IN HOSPITALITY AND HOTEL MANAGEMENT CHTM 00105: INTRODUCTION TO FRONT OFFICE OPERATIONS STREAMS: CHTM (Y1S2) TIME: 2 HOURS DAY/DATE: FRIDAY 09/7/2021 11.30 A.M. - 1.30 P.M. INSTRUCTIONS: Answer ALL questions in section A and any other TWO in section B Do not write anything on the question paper SECTION A (30 MARKS) 1. Briefly explain six functions of the front office department in an organization [6 marks] 2. Briefly explain four duties of a reservation clerk in a five star hotel of your choice [4 marks] 3. Briefly explain THREE objectives of credit control measures in the daily operations in the front office department [6 marks] 4. Briefly explain two types of reservation [4 marks] 5. List five methods of payment during check out of a guest [5 marks] 6. Briefly explain the duties of the sales office in relation to front office activities [4 marks]
SECTION B (40 MARKS) 7. (a) Using a diagram, discuss the guest cycle in a hotel [12 marks] (b) Explain FOUR characteristics group tours that are handled by front office staff during check in [8 marks] 8. (a) Discuss TEN qualities of the front office staff. [10 marks] Page 1 of 2 CHTM 00105 (b) Explain the basic check in procedure of a guest in a hotel of your choice [10 marks] 9. (a) Discuss the FOUR main challenges facing front office growth, efficiency and control [8 marks] (b) Using a diagram, explain the organization and the duties of the front office personnel [12 marks] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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