BSBMKG555 Assessment Task 01 v1.0 (1)

BSBMKG555 Write persuasive copy Assessment Task 1 - Knowledge questions 1 Key feature Creative brief section description Communication purpose and objective The objectives of communication include targeting data, knowledge, and emotion. Personal goals can be an example of this, like the desire to improve as a public speaker. Team goals in areas like persuasion or corporate goals in areas like marketing can also be communication goals. Positioning strategy A positioning strategy is a plan that aims to position a company or product in a profitable and long-lasting market position. A profitable market position won't last as long as it can't be replicated or is "defendable," and vice versa for a position that can be "defended" but isn't profitable for the company . Customer profile and positioning Through customer profiling, you may create a portrait of your clientele to assist you make decisions about how to grow your business. There are groups of your clients with comparable goals and characteristics, and there is a representative for each group with a photo, a name, and a description. Then, utilising a limited set of customer profiles, or "personas," significant design decisions are made. Key messages Your key messages are the major points you want your target audience to hear and remember. They give the context and significance of the subjects you want to discuss. Because they provide you control over communications and help you build relationships with your target audiences, they are an essential part of a PR effort. Communication tool In the workplace, software and apps that in some way promote the transmission of information both internally and outside are commonly referred to as communication tools. In layman's words, these are tools that enable communication with co-workers via a variety of media, including messaging, email, video conferencing, SMS, phone calls, and more. Call to action A call to action (CTA) is a remark that is typically featured above the fold on a landing page or at the conclusion of a piece of content in order to elicit a quick response from the reader. In order to persuade the user to click a button or a hyperlink, it is often a command . Budget A budget is a projection of expected income and expenses for a specific future time period. It is frequently established and updated on a regular basis. Budgets can be created by anyone, any group of people, any organisation, any government, or pretty much anything else that generates and spends money. Timeframe Project managers can see the entire project at once by using a
project timeline, which is a visual list of tasks or activities organised by date. A horizontal bar chart is a common representation of a project timetable, where each task is given a name and a start and finish date . 2 Language For informal (casual) communication, a linguistic style known as colloquialism or colloquial language is used. It is the most prevalent functional speech pattern and the idiom most frequently used in casual settings like conversation. Writing style Show social proof at critical points. Social proof is a psychological phenomenon in which people seek to reflect appropriate behaviour for a situation by assuming the actions of others. We want to know that when we make a decision, other people think it is the proper one . Level of detail Fascinate them by telling a story. What if your readers are unfamiliar with your offering? They will be drawn in like scouts around the campfire if you tell them a story about it. Effective storytelling affects readers' emotions and creates a mental image of a product demonstration. This method is particularly helpful for describing immaterial qualities like quality. 3 Legislation The Fair Work Act of 2009. The Fair Work system is in effect for the majority of Australian workplaces. Determining who is covered is essential because we work with businesses and workers who are protected by the Fair Work system (the national system). It safeguards some rights, including those at employment. the capacity to engage in business operations. the absence of unfair discrimination . Standard Quality requirements. It has to do with safety, maintaining a promise, and meeting the client's most basic requirements. However, organisations usually earn more money and sustain fewer losses when they uphold quality standards. Those who outperform quality standards set themselves apart from their competitors, boosting their chance of profit and customer loyalty. Code of practice Compliance with Laws, Rules, and Regulations. A code of conduct encourages ethical discussion and adherence, empowering personnel to resolve the ethical dilemmas they encounter on the job every day. It can also serve as a useful reference, pointing staff members in the direction of relevant documents, services, and other sources relating to ethics in the workplace .
4 Difficult Clients. Not all clients are easy to work with. Heck, some clients don't even know what they want! It may feel like they want one thing during the brainstorming session but do a 360-degree turn on your next meeting. Not Enough Inspiration. There are moments when you simply cannot find the words. You want to begin, but you are unsure of how. You may lack inspiration to write about anything because you are unfamiliar with the subject . Unfamiliarity with the Niche. It would be fairly difficult to write a copy that convinces someone to buy a product when you don't even have any idea what it is. 5 Agitate and solve problems with persuasive writing. This subject of persuasion serves as your argument's general strategy. You must first define the issue and select your target audience. After aggravating the reader's suffering, you present your own solution as the panacea. Prognosticate. Giving your readers a peek into the future is another element in persuasion. If you can persuadely demonstrate how current events may be extrapolated into expected future results, you might as well have a licence to create money . Unify ... selectively. Humans are exclusive by nature, despite our aspirations to be intelligent, enlightened beings. Give someone the opportunity to join the group they want to be in, whether that group is affluent, trendy, environmentally conscious, or even contrary, and they'll board the train you're operating .
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