How to antrophology made (15)

Page 1 ANT: Worksheet Question 1: In quot;Highschool of the Deadquot;, where did Komuro and Saeko establish to meet after the bus explosion? a. a. Komuro039;s House b. On The Main Bridge c. The Center Mall d. !Eastern Police Station Question 2: When was Adolf Hitler appointed as Chancellor of Germany? a. a. February 27, 1933 b. !January 30, 1933 c. September 1, 1939 d. October 6, 1939 Question 3: Who wrote the lyrics for Leonard Bernstein039;s 1957 Brodway musical West Side Story? a. a. Himself b. !Stephen Sondheim c. Richard Rodgers d. Oscar Hammerstein Question 4: Which product did Nokia, the telecommunications company, originally sell? a. a. Phones b. Computers c. Processors d. !Paper Question 5: What is the stage name of New Zealand singer Phillipa quot;Pipquot; Brown? a. a. Lorde b. !Ladyhawke c. Kesha d. Anika Moa Question 6: If someone said quot;you are olidquot;, what would they mean? a. a. You are out of shapeweak. b. You are incomprehensiblean idiot. c. Your appearance is repulsive. d. !You smell extremely unpleasant. Question 7: Which of these Generation 1 Pokemon did NOT have an evolution in Generation 4? a. a. Magmar b. !Jynx c. Electabuzz d. Rhydon Question 8: Which scientific unit is named after an Italian nobleman? a. a. Hertz b. Ohm c. Pascal d. !Volt Question 9: How many notes are there on a standard grand piano? a. a. 78 b. 98 c. !88
Page 2 d. 108 Question 10: Which major extinction event was caused by an asteroid collision and eliminated the majority of nonavian dinosaurs? a. a. Triassicndash;Jurassic b. !CretaceousPaleogene c. Ordovicianndash;Silurian d. Permianndash;Triassic Question 1: In what Disney movie can you spot the character quot;PacManquot; in if you look closely enough in some scenes? a. a. Big Hero 6 b. !Tron c. Monsters, Inc. d. Fantasia Question 2: Who invented the quot;Flying Shuttlequot; in 1738; one of the key developments in the industrialization of weaving? a. a. Richard Arkwright b. John Deere c. James Hargreaves d. !John Kay Question 3: What was Napoleon Bonaparte039;s name before he changed it? a. a. Napoleona de Buenoparte b. Napoleatilde;o do Boaparte c. Naapolion van Bonijpaart d. !Napoleone di Buonaparte Question 4: What North American tourist attraction is served by the quot;Maid of the Mistquot; tour company? a. a. Whistler, British Columbia b. Yosemite National Park c. Disney World d. !Niagara Falls Question 5: In quot;Final Fantasy VIquot;, what is the name of summoned Gilgamesh039;s weakest attack? a. a. Excalisnore b. Excalisore c. Excalibore d. !Excalipoor Question 6: In quot;Hunter x Hunterquot;, what are members in Killua039;s family known for being? a. a. !Assassins b. Ninjas c. Bandits d. Hunters Question 7: When was the quot;Siege of Leningradquot; lifted during World War II? a. a. March 1944 b. !January 1944 c. September 1943 d. November 1943 Question 8: In quot;Team Fortress 2quot;, what is the fastest taunt kill that can be pulled off? a. a. Organ Grinder
Page 3 b. Skewer c. Hadouken d. !Showdown Question 9: Which of these characters from Final Fantasy VIII primarily spoke in one word sentences? a. a. Zell b. Raijin c. !Fujin d. Seifer Question 10: Who was the Author of the manga Monster Hunter Orage? a. a. Hirohiko Araki b. Shin Yamamoto c. !Hiro Mashima d. Keiichi Hikami Question 1: What was the name of the spy ring that helped the United States win the Revolutionary War? a. a. New York Spy Ring b. !Culper Ring c. Unnamed d. Washington039;s Spies Question 2: Which was the first Mrated video game developed by SquaresoftSquare Enix? a. a. !Parasite Eve b. Vagrant Story c. Final Fantasy VIII d. Front Mission Question 3: Which character, in the game quot;Morenatsuquot;, has the most possible endings to their route, at a total of four different endings? a. a. Torahiko Ooshima b. Kouya Aotsuki c. Soutarou Touno d. !Shin Kuroi Question 4: Akatsuki039;s subclass in quot;Log Horizonquot; is what? a. a. ! Tracker b. Apprentice c. Assassin d. Scribe Question 5: In the quot;Ace Attorneyquot; series, who was the truly responsible of the forging of the autopsy report of the pivotal IS7 incident? a. a. Manfred Von Karma b. Tateyuki Shigaraki c. Gregory Edgeworth d. !Bansai Ichiyanagi Question 6: What is the sum of all the tiles in a standard box of Scrabble? a. a. 197 b. 207 c. !187 d. 177 Question 7: What is the weight of a Gold Bar in Fallout: New Vegas? a. a. 30 Pounds b. 32.50 Pounds
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