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Discussion Board 2 Reply Discussion WEEK 2 Peer Response BUSI 770 Liberty University Summary In continuing this week's discussion on Setting Direction, Advantages / Disadvantages, and Decision Models, you provided well-outlined research of the process, key disadvantages, and decision models for strategic choices. In the process, you discussed five steps that help the organization find a strategic choice. The first step was defined as finding the strategic vision. According to (Gamble, 2020) managers of a company must decide at the outset of the strategy formulation and execution process what direction the company should go in and whether its market positioning and future performance prospects could be improved by changing the company's product offerings, markets in which it competes, customers, it serves, or technologies it uses. (Draganska et al., 2008) Next, the research in this summary gives a full account of a key advantage of making the right strategic choice. Apple decided to eliminate its distribution centers to offer customers better quality services and pricing. "Lastly, you expounded on the SWOT analysis decision model. Critique I concur with your introduction and outline discussion regarding strategic choice. Overall, you did an excellent job clearly outlining your paper. The details you presented under the
heading: Setting the Company's Direction with Strategy your argument could have been better supported with citations that discuss the five distinct steps. In the third heading regarding advantages/disadvantages, I agree with your findings. The Apple Store scenario was a good example of an advantage when making a strategic choice as a good strategy.
REFERENCES Draganska, M., Misra, S., Aguirregabiria, V., Bajari, P., Einav, L., Ellickson, P., Horsky, D., Narayanan, S., Orhun, Y., Reiss, P., Seim, K., Singh, V., Thomadsen, R., & Zhu, T. (2008). Discrete choice models of firms' strategic decisions. Marketing Letters , 19 (3/4), 399-416. http://www.jstor.org/stable/41217929 Gamble, J. E. (2020). Essentials of Strategic Management: The Quest for Competitive Advantage (7th ed.). McGraw-Hill Higher Education (US). https://mbsdirect.vitalsource.com/books/9781260785791
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