MED: Res 1 The Harvard architecture for microcontrollers added which add a. Data b. !Instruction c. Control d. Address a. Marvin Gaye Sexual Healing b. aha Take On Me c. Coldplay Midnight d. !Ed Sheeran I See Fire a. Document on B.O.Ws b. Nothing c. !A GDC Document d. Text Document on Herbs 4 Who won the 1989 Drum Corps International championships? a. The Academy b. !Santa Clara Vanguard c. The Bluecoats d. Blue Devils 5 What is the scientific name of the red fox? a. Red Fox b. Vulpes Vulpie c. !Vulpes Vulpes d. Vulpes Redus a. Eddie b. Tango c. Rush d. !Auto a. Gabig b. !Lamentation c. Galvanized Atomic Lead Insertion Liquidator d. Predictive Death Wish 2 Electronic music producer Kygo039;s popularity skyrocketed after a certain remix. Which song did he remix? 3 In the Gamecube Version of quot;Resident Evilquot; what text document is open on the monitor of the computer in the Visual Data Room? 6 Which character from the Mega Man series made a small cameo on Volt Catfish039;s introduction scene in CD versions of Mega Man X3? 7 In the Zombies mode of quot;Call of Duty: Black Opsquot;, what is the quot;PackAPunchedquot; version of the quot;Galilquot; called? 8 In the quot;Jurassic Parkquot; universe, what was the first dinosaur cloned by InGen in 1986?
a. Brachiosaurus b. !Velociraptor c. Triceratops d. Troodon 9 What causes the sound of a heartbeat? a. Blood exiting the heart Page 1 b. Relaxation of the heart chambers c. Contraction of the heart chambers d. !Closure of the heart valves 10 In the Marvel Universe, the planet of Svartalfheim is home to a. Frost Giants b. Skrulls c. Kronans d. !Dark Elves 1 What is the derivative of Acceleration with respect to time? a. !Jerk b. Bump c. Slide d. Shift 2 What is the scientific name of the Budgerigar? a. Pyrrhura molinae b. Nymphicus hollandicus c. Ara macao d. !Melopsittacus undulatus 3 What was the real name of the Albanian national leader Skande a. !Gjergj Kastrioti b. Iskander Bejko c. Mirash Krasniki d. Diturak Zhulati 4 The Hunua Ranges is located in... a. Nepal b. Mexico c. !New Zealand d. China 5 What year did the Chevrolet LUV mini truck make its debut? a. 1975 b. !1972 c. 1973 d. 1982 6 In quot;Rick and Mortyquot;, from which dimension do Rick
a. C136 b. J1977 c. !C137 d. C500a 7 What is the capital of Mauritius? a. Port Moresby b. Port Vila c. !Port Louis d. PortauPrince a. !Indigo Compassion b. White Life c. Yellow Fear d. Green Willpower Page 2 9 From 1940 to 1942, what was the capitalinexile of Free France ? a. Tunis b. !Brazzaville c. Paris d. Algiers 10 The word quot;aprosexiaquot; means which of the following? a. A feverish desire to rip one039;s clothes off b. !The inability to concentrate on anything c. The inability to stand up d. The inability to make decisions a. Murray Gold b. !Ron Grainer c. Peter Howell d. Delia Derbyshire a. Oliver Sim b. Baria Qureshi c. !Jamie xx d. Romy Madley Croft a. 1m b. 100m 8 Which of the following rings from the DC Comics039; quot;Lantern Corpsquot; are classified as Parasitic? 1 The theme for the popular science fiction series quot;Doctor Whoquot; was composed by who? 2 Which member of the English band quot;The xxquot; released their solo album quot;In Colourquot; in 2015? 3 The difference between the lengths of a Boeing 777300ER and an Airbus A3501000 is closest to:
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