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Study Sketches WGS 8833 - Week 10 Professor Laura Allen Submission Date: 7 November 2015 Sophia Clark Elisa
Study Sketches - WGS Week 10 Introduction For Study Sketches You have no idea what they're talking about, but before you can object, they proceed to make themselves at home. A stranger offers your family refuge in his underground bunker, but you don't trust him. You are content and loving your life of solitude, having to venture away from your home only once a month for the Giant Assemblage. After all, robots can handle all essential tasks that a person doesn't care to perform. For four days, you and your military scouting crew have been traversing across this planet. You soon realize, however, that your reflection does not move when you do. One night, you wake to see a purple orb glowing in the fields. She develops a virtual reality system called Maleficent that not only ties directly into the nervous system, but also handles all basic human needs while the person is engaged in the system. At lunchtime, you grab your bag and head outside to avoid the cafeteria — your sisters' domain. Unfortunately, you hate reading. However, when a company advertising melatonin sleep aids offers a million dollars for one 30-second endorsement, she can't refuse. The next day, you find your best friend's bike in a nearby bush with a flat tire. Your camp counselor calls up the other camp and asks them to stop, but nothing changes. Billions of people have perished due to crop failure, and civilization as we know it crumbles. You want your android to attend university as the very first A.I. Waiting to see if the creatures have noticed you, you realize you must somehow protect your family while warning the government there are still aliens hiding on your planet. You shrug and fill out the information, thinking nothing of it. You are a busy bank clerk with no social life but a great love for reading fiction. With the book Malleus Maleficarum spreading like wildfire throughout Europe, describing in detail how to identify and hunt down witches, you know that your time is limited. You hop to your feet and quickly whisper an incantation. When someone begins following you around town and bangs coconuts together to mimic the sound of a horse galloping, you have had enough. You turn around and stare at the new figures. Your wife died just a year after you were married, leaving you nothing but an empty house and broken dreams. Fearful, you try to scramble away, but a hand reaches out of the water, dragging you in. 1
Study Sketches - WGS Week 10 Questions For Study Sketches Instructions : Genetic engineering has created food crops that are rich in necessary nutrients, but they require careful engineering to optimize growth for specific environmental conditions. Where did it come from? What does it do? More importantly, why is it turning to stare at you with golden slitted eyes? You've just inherited your grandfather's bookshop in Central London. Question 1 : In 2021, what was the most popular girl's name in the United Kingdom? a. On your eighteenth birthday, you finally learn the family secret. b. As people lose hope of ever finding a home and a better future, passengers become increasingly barbaric and self-destructive. c. Now it is up to you, one of the Empire's top detectives, to relive the Empress' final two months over and over until you identify and catch those behind her death. Question 2 : From ancient to modern philosophies, the power of ideas. a. After a failed semester at your first year of college, you come back to work for your family while you figure things out. b. Your wife has recently taken up a job as a pharmacist in your small town. c. You are one of the few blessed with the power of sight prophesized to take back the world from the beasts above and reclaim the power over the tower that the beasts took so long ago. Question 3 : Richard Taylor's attitude towards brutality and compassion. a. Then it dawned upon you: fire, plague, insanity — these were some of the spells cast by your former master against you as he was dying. b. He tells you he isn't either. c. You begin to read them but must hide your secret under threat of imprisonment. 2
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