Unit 8 Assignment - Madison Anderson

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Unit 8 Assignment: My Success Plan Name: Madison Anderson PACE Section: 111 Semester: Fall My Academic Plan Skills What are some of the skills you hope to develop while at UMGC? Better time management and staying consistent with work Earning Credit Toward Degree Completion Did you attend any colleges or universities before UMGC? Yes No Have you requested all transcripts from these institutions? Yes No N/A If you have not yet requested available transcripts, what is your plan for requesting them? Have the transcripts arrived at UMGC? Yes No N/A Has the credit from these transcripts been applied to your UMGC degree program? Yes No N/A Do you believe you may be eligible for any of these fast paths to credit? Credit by Examination (e.g. CLEP or DANTES) UMGC's Portfolio Program (EXCL 301) Industry Certifications Military training / experience Technical training If you believe you are eligible for credit from the above, how will you pursue getting the credit? 1
Unit 8 Assignment: My Success Plan N/A Have you registered for your next session? Yes No If not, do you have a plan for doing so? Yes What courses do you plan to take in your next three sessions? You may want to discuss this with your success coach. Next Session Second Session Third Session When will the above classes begin? Time Management Considering what you've learned this semester about the Code of Civility, the Academic Integrity Policy, time management, support services, and getting to graduation efficiently, list three steps you plan to take to manage your competing responsibilities as you progress through your degree program. 1. Continue to upgrade my calendar 2. Separate my work into time segments 3. Try to finish my work in one setting Academic Support Which of these support services do you believe you will use during your time at UMGC? In the box below each service, explain why or why not . Tutoring Services Yes No Explanation: I already have a tutor at school Effective Writing Center Yes No Explanation: I have a tutor Success Coaches Yes No Explanation: I have resources at my school UMGC Library 2
Unit 8 Assignment: My Success Plan Yes No Explanation: N/A Technology Services Yes No Explanation: I am not very familiar with Microsoft Accessibility Services Yes No Explanation: N/A Financial Aid Yes No Explanation: Half of my tuition is free My Career Plan Career Path What career paths are you interested in pursuing? Mechanical Engineering Next Steps In addition to pursuing your degree at UMGC, what two steps can you take to help you advance toward your career of choice? 1. Be motivated 2. Stay focused Gaining Experience How might you get experience in your chosen career field? By applying to internships Professional Organizations List two professional organizations (e.g. PMI or ISACA) that you can consider joining to help you advance in your 1. AKA 2. National Society of Black Engineers 3
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