Week 5 Assignment

Job Description Candace Rowell BUS 670 Gary Gentry August 1, 2023
Job Position: Administrative Assistant Job description: Acts as the main assistant when the supervisor is away and can be delegated or requested on the supervisor are away. Giving commands to the subordinate when the supervisor is away. Make important decisions that can affect the administrative role in the department. Will oversee sending and receiving correspondence Minimum qualifications for the job position. He or she must have done a managerial course or that relates to the course At least one year of experience in this field. Accounting Professional course will act as an added advantage such as CPA or ASK. Should be able to work with little or no supervision. Should be a team player. 10 questions that are illegal to ask for a job opening. 1. What is your current marital status? 2. Do you have Children? 3. Do you plan on having children or currently pregnant? 4. What is your religion? 5. Do you have a sexual preference? 6. What's your current weight? 7. Do you abuse alcohol, or recreational drugs, or do you currently smoke? 8. Do you own a vehicle? 9. What is your living status? 10. Do you celebrate Christmas? Asking questions such as these, are protected by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, The Age Discrimination Act Of 1975, and the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978. Most employers are allowed access to some of this information by asking questions that are not offensive or obtrusive. There are legal ways to word the questions to obtain the information needed but won't fall under the Civil Rights Act of being offensive against, religion, gender, race , or color.
10 Questions that are appropriate for a job opening. 1. What are your weaknesses? 2. What are your goals 5 years from now? 3. What is your ideal position entail? 4. What attracted you to apply for this position? 5. Do you have criminal charges that will prevent you from obtaining this position? 6. What are characteristics we should know as to why we should hire you? 7. What are some of your strengths that will help you succeed in this position? 8. What did you least appreciate about your last job? 9. What were some of the responsibilities you handled in your last position? 10. The legal age for this position is 19, do you fit this requirement .
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