BSBOPS504-Plagiarism Report Task 2 (2-3)

PLAGIARISM SCAN REPORT 0% Plagiarised 100% Unique Content Checked For Plagiarism 9.1 Answer When COVID- 19 megahit, numerous small business went shut. Government issued encouragement packages and programs(e.g. instant asset write- offs) for small businesses and impulses to employ youthful workers Answer The Australian frugality is strengthening in comparison to other countries and retail spending has increased. Answer In big metropolises like Sydney and Melbourne where guests aren't familiar with NatureCare, it might be a problem to move them to shift from their present beauty product. There's further competition in bigger metropolises than the small one, Brisbane. The life and preference of guests may vary then. But the present interest of people in nature friendly products can be a great advantage for NatureCare because the guests are now inclined to green life just as we give How are technological advances affecting the business(e.g. internet, RPA, threat control)? Answer numerous challengers are turning to online stores due to global conditions. Answer Yes, the current threat operation policy/ procedures are complete and comprehensive as needed by legislation Answer The state or condition of business resource to my threat assessment process or design is enough but as per CEO there must be minimal spending. Answer Being communication mechanisms between operation and the pool is seen to be effective as there has been exchange of data information effectively. Answer The current staffs are considered to be pious and stylish on doing their tasks. Answer client database is introductory and has shown that 70 of guests are between 25 and 55 times old Answer The CEO has verified that the banks are willing to advance 70 of the capital needed and the shareholders have committed to chancing the remaining 30. Answer The cash inflow statement is a fiscal statement that reports on a company's sources and operation of cash over some time. A company's cash inflow is generally categorised as cash overflows from operations, investing, and backing. Answer Suppliers( grounded in China, Philippines and New Zealand) have all indicated their capability to supply and fill fresh orders SWOT Analysis Strengths • High Quality Products • Eco friendly and Natural raw accoutrements are used for manufacturing • High Brand value • Has stores both online and retail • Products developed for specific skin needs Weakness • High price • Products confined to women • Many products as the products are specific to skin types • Huge competition due to low price products pitfalls • Fierce marketing from other reputed brands • preface of products that are cheap and still give acceptablequality openings • Entry into men's member • Overseas business • Development of new products similar as sunscreen, face marshland and face packs Section 2 Identify and assay threat Answer Tool and fashion to grease the group discussion to identify threat within the compass of the threat operation process- Brainstorming. Answer motifs that will be bandied • Identify pitfalls, • Assess pitfalls, • threat treatments, • Precedences. Answer The threat operation system will be used to assess the liability and inflexibility of the pitfalls. threat liability must be calculated by taking the normal of at least two stakeholder estimations. This must be done using the following scale Rare 1 Unlikely 2 probably 3 veritably likely 4 also, the threat impact must be calculated by taking the normal of at least two stakeholder estimations using the following scale Minor 1 Moderate 2 significant 3 Catastrophic 4 Answer threat standard will guide how to prioritise pitfalls. Answer Because the threat operation policy includes all workers in the threat operation process, concession may include • which risks to concentrate on • threat prioritisation Answer concession can be done through face to face meeting or discussion but I believe with the liability and impact and estimation of each stakeholder it s not negotiable. Answer Questioning and harkening fashion can be used to evoke opinion and clarify understanding because it'll include open questions, it'll insure understanding - transparent and clear communication leading brief input being positive and regardful. It'll also insure active participation from staffs to present their opinions and views. 11 Answer The pitfalls that has been linked in the meeting are • Strategic threat threat ofnon-compliance with legislation • functional Date 2023-06-01 Words 925 Characters 6021 Page 1 of 2
threat threat of fire • fiscal threat Theft of stock or cash from retail outlets operation and staffs are responsible for the threat. The two implicit issues are • Cash inflow problems, • Staff retention. Treatment druthers bandied are • Allowing frequent breaks to staffs. • Use of security cameras. Stakeholders want to prioritise the threat as per the security position, work cargo on finance platoon Answer Theft of stock or cash from retail outlets Stylish practice includes; • the use of in- store cameras • having further than one worker in the store for each shift and director blessing to enter the stock room. • The use of barcodes to checkup for pricing and online payment installations and systems will reduce the liability of theft and fraud. Answer Incorrect invoicing of new suppliers Open, clear and frequent communication with the suppliers could help with incorrect invoicing as well as using software that help with invoicing and conciliation with supplier statements also might reduce the threat of internal crimes. Answer Increased demand on payroll and accounts receivable/ outstanding staff Automated systems may reduce the workload of repetitious tasks freeing the time of the finance platoon for other jobs. Training(e.g. mentoring or coaching) may also ameliorate the work performance. Stylish practice shows that staff should choose their own performance development training format to suit their requirements and individual personalities. Staff should be awarded for bettered performance Matched Source No plagiarism found Page 2 of 2
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