Side business ideas (it's #43 on the list of The 50 Hottest Entrepreneurship Emphasis Areas, by the way). However, the beauty of entrepreneurship is that you can commence from the place of virtually any skill or passion. You don't necessarily need fancy degrees, unique talents, or coding expertise to start a sideRustic and modern styles that's already making waves across the internet, Nordstrom's new makeup department offers everything from mattes, to blushing pinks, to glitter, to statement bolds. Cowboy's handbook for balmy days and chilly nights? As you probably know, this small side business idea already has a myriad of other highly lucrative. 1. In the context of electric vehicles, what component stores electrical energy and powers the vehicle's electric motor? a) Alternator b) Radiator c) Battery pack d) Exhaust system 2. What is the name of the longest-lasting spacecraft in space exploration, launched in 1977 and still transmitting data from interstellar space? a) Voyager 1 b) Pioneer 10 c) New Horizons d) Galileo 3. In physics, what is the phenomenon where an object exhibits a decrease in volume (shrinking) when subjected to an increase in temperature or pressure? a) Expansion b) Compression c) Contraction d) Dilation
4. What is the difference between a developed economy versus an emerging economy in business? a) Developed economies have more advanced technology while emerging economies are growing fast b) Developed economies are slow growing while emerging economies are stagnant c) There is no difference d) Developed economies are emerging while emerging economies are developed 5. Who is the Chinese philosopher known for his ethical and moral teachings, emphasizing virtues and social harmony? a) Sun Tzu b) Confucius c) Laozi d) Zhuangzi 6 . A company is developing a new product that uses artificial intelligence. The company is aware that the product has the potential to be used for harmful purposes, such as surveillance or discrimination. What are the ethical considerations involved in developing and marketing this product? a) The company should not develop the product at all. b) The company should develop the product and market it with safeguards to prevent its misuse. c) The company should develop the product and market it without any safeguards, leaving it up to users to decide how to use it. d) The company should develop the product and sell it to the highest bidder, regardless of who the buyer is or how they intend to use the product. 7. What is mutation testing and how does it differ from code coverage? a) Seed faults to test detection - complements line coverage metrics. b) Test cross-browser compatibility - unrelated to code coverage.
c) Fuzz testing by adding random mutations - mostly redundant to coverage. d) Confirm code is unchanged between builds - differs from coverage metrics. 8. What are some pieces of evidence for dark matter's existence and what is the current leading hypothesis of its composition? a) Galaxies' rotation curves, gravitational lensing, CMB patterns - non-baryonic weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs). b) Redshift observations suggesting universe is contracting, not expanding. c) Solution to ultraviolet catastrophes when modeling blackbody radiation. d) Anomalies in Maxwell's equations predicting transverse electromagnetic waves. 9. Which type of entrepreneur is motivated by a desire to solve a specific problem or address a particular need, often focusing on social or environmental issues? a) Lifestyle entrepreneur b) Serial entrepreneur c) Social entrepreneur d) Scalable entrepreneur 10. What is a smart pointer in C++ and how does it differ from normal pointers? a) Manages memory automatically through RAII - safer alternative to manual memory management. b) Uses AI to dynamically adapt to changing system conditions. c) Stores pointers to multiple locations to enable efficient caching. d) Implements capabilities like encryption and compression for pointer obfuscation.
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