Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper Justin Grijalva SPC1017 4/23/2021
Abstract The purpose of this paper is to reflect upon the speeches that I have given during this term and how I felt about them. Overall, it has definitely been an experience to take a speech class in a very untraditional way, but I have enjoyed this class.
Introduction Public speaking has never been something I consider myself to be good at, so I was a bit excited when taking a speech class even if it was taken remotely. I have always been interested in anything that has to do with psychology so I knew I would enjoy this class from the beginning. I feel that this class would have been a lot harder in a physical classroom, but I am glad to have taken this course at the time I did. I would like to think that I will remember most of the things that I learned and apply them to my everyday life. What I liked about my Speeches What I mostly enjoyed about writing my speeches was the liberty of choosing a subject. Although, I might have felt a bit uncomfortable talking about what I really wanted to present. I strongly believe that it is best to choose a topic you are deeply interested in so that it becomes easier to present to an audience. I chose a rather safe topic when choosing Cybersecurity because it was something I already had some information about from a previous essay that I did last semester. Looking back, I think that I would have done a better speech had I gone for something I was more passionate about. What I would have done differently with my speeches As stated, before I would have loved to choose a different topic, but I unfortunately chose to something rather serious and boring which is usually so unlike me. I would like to add that although I mistakenly missed the deadline for the practice speech it helped me practice doing an outline before the actual speech. When I posted my speech, I was inevitably nervous of how other people might review it but, I was surprised by the positive feedback that I received. Moreover, I did take all the criticism well and a lot of it were things that I had already told myself I needed to work on. To refer to one of my classmates, they said that I could use a lot less buffering which refers to filler words like "um".
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