Dealing with a major advertiser

Assignment #2- Dealing with a Major Advertiser Jessalyn Magana, [email protected] CTVA 480 -01 September 23, 2023 Considering the following events, the most optimal thing to do would be to cut their news article of specifically that company. There are two ways to go about the news report if they choose to go through with it. One, they can research if any of the other car shops are connected to conglomerates that are connected to their news network and if there are no other interferences, they can go through with all the other ones. Secondly, they can find scams in other places like local school boards or any other places they found to be running scams. If they were to go through with one of those, to make sure whatever it is they pick that it is not attached to a larger conglomerate that they are in contact with. The News Director would most likely want to pick a different report to run such as a different business like the school board or they would push for the current story. However, the Sales Manager would definitely tell them to come up with something entirely different and come up with a different way to expose scams. The I-Team should definitely kill that certain report but I would suggest leaving them out of it or coming up with a new report. Furthermore, if they were to run that report that would result in losing the client who is a conglomerate. Losing a conglomerate client would be a huge deal since they are most likely a huge chunk of the station's income. With conglomerates, they have the best of the best lawyers, marketing teams, and people on their side. They would lose all of this and would ruin their reputation since they no longer can say they are partnered with a well-known conglomerate. They can easily fight them in court and make them look terrible and eventually make the news network go bankrupt. Personally, I would make them drop the report and find a different arena to do the report in that will not risk the downfall of the company and to be extra careful on doing background research before trying to expose these companies.
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