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BUSS2065 Operations Management for Business Page 1 of 15 Management EXAMINATION BUSS2065 Operations Management for Business This paper is for Internal & External students. Examination Duration: 180minutes This includes Reading, Answering, Uploading & Downloading Time. Exam Conditions: This is an online and open book exam Instructions To Students: This exam paper has two sections: Section 1 with 5 multiple-choice questions with short answers for 20 marks (maximum 4 marks each); Section 2 with 8 descriptive answer questions, but you need to answer only 5 questions for 80 marks (16 marks each) . For Section 1, you need to type the question number, copy the correct answer, then explain your rationale for the answer. For Section 2, you need to type the question number and then type your answer. Use a separate page for each answer. All sub questions should be correctly identified. Word count for each answer is a guide only, and there is no penalty for exceeding the word count. Do not delete any sentences in this exam paper. It is a copyrighted document and sharing your answers or questions to any students while you are doing the exam or after the exam will be a breach of academic integrity and will be reported to an Academic Integrity Officer. Please note, you need to follow the proper referencing format and direct copying and pasting from any source is not allowed and will automatically result in a Fail grade. Student Number _____________________ Last Name _______________________ First Name _______________________ For Examiner Use Only Question Mark MCQ Section 2 Total ________ Study Period 2 Exams, 2023 This exam paper must not be shared with others
BUSS2065 Operations Management for Business Page 2 of 15 AIO Instructions Remember, if the question requires a written answer (or part) then this needs to be in your own words. Any copied (even if memorised) material/explanations will not attract marks. At university level an assessment (or parts) that are simply copied from sources, or closely paraphrased, would not constitute analysis nor demonstrate understanding and would normally be awarded a few marks. It is an open book exam therefore normal referencing conventions/requirements still applies-after all; it takes little time to reference. I would remind you of the following basic principles of referencing: If information is not your own words or ideas, you must acknowledge the source within the text of the paper and in the reference list. If you use another person's words (i.e. you quote) you must indicate that this is a direct quote (usually by quotation marks) and reference the source (including the page number) within the text of the paper. Including the source in the reference list or bibliography is not sufficient. Changing, deleting, adding only a few words, or rearranging the sentence/paragraph does not negate that fact that you are quoting. If paraphrasing, you still need to include an in-text reference (which includes the page number ). Take care that the paraphrasing is not 'too close' to the original; i.e. that it is in fact a quote. The fact that the source of the material is from a textbook, an internet site, course materials and/or the specific author cannot be identified, does not negate the need to acknowledge the source of the ideas or words or to reference correctly. Reminder about paraphrasing. Remember that changing a few words does not make a quote a paraphrase or "in your own words". It is still a quote and must have quotation marks ' ' around it and an in-text reference. If you summarise or paraphrase ideas from somewhere, it does not need quotation marks, but it must still have an in-text reference as it is not your idea. Copying and pasting is never okay. You can find information on paraphrasing by clicking at https://lo.unisa.edu.au/course/view.php?id=3839§ionid=61510 Copying and pasting text into your answers and then altering it gradually by replacing words, rearranging words, using the synonym function in Word to replace words etc. is not paraphrasing. This is not an appropriate method of writing and suggests that the writer cannot write something original for themselves and does not demonstrate understanding. Further, using a translation or paraphrasing tool is not writing in your own words or use of any unattributed AI assisted writing is considered a breach of the Academic Integrity policy.
BUSS2065 Operations Management for Business Page 3 of 15 Exam information The exam is to be completed under exam conditions. As the exam is unsupervised, this will rely on all students acting with honesty and integrity and not accessing any unauthorised materials during this time. It is expected that students will not breach this trust and use exceptional circumstances to gain an unfair advantage in the exam. You are to complete the exam by opening the answer template and entering your answers on that document. Once you open your Word document (answer template) to commence writing your exam answers, make sure you save it immediately and then save at regular intervals to avoid losing your answers. It is recommended that you set up the 'autosave' function on Word to assist with this process. Turnitin will be in use as it is for all assessments in this course The start and end time for the exam is Adelaide time for all students. So, if you reside in a different time zone, adjust the start and end time so that you complete the exam at the same point of time as all other students - we stress, it is Adelaide time. The time allowed will be 180 minutes for all students.. This time takes account time for reading, answering, uploading and downloading. You can start writing straight away. There is a submission link and it can be found at your learnonline for this course . This is the same process as when uploading assignments to learnonline. Please do not wait until the last minute to collate and submit your exam answers. Ensure that you leave enough time to do this. I will monitor the online exam. I can be contacted on [email protected] during the exam. Who should I contact for support during my online exam? The IT Help Desk for students is available over the exam period https://i.unisa.edu.au/askit/students . Under Quick Links on the right - 'IT Help Desk' - is the contact number. Local: 8302 5000 . Interstate & Country: 1300 558 654 (local call cost). If that number is busy, put an 08 in front of the Local number. International: (+61 8) 8302 5000 (they can call you back to minimise your call costs). PLEASE COMPLETE THE STUDENT DECLARATION ON THE NEXT PAGE ( On the answer template OR you need to copy and paste in your word document )
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