GG102OC Wilfrid Laurier University LAB ASSIGNMENT 9: FIELD NOTES TABLE - DOWNTOWN KITCHENER Locale Building Name Current Function(s) (What is it used for? Do a quick Google search if needed.) Re-urbanization Type A, B and/or C HINT: only 2 locales have 2 types 2 Observations (comment on age, façade, the type and look, windows, engravings, parking, etc., - record any 2 observations you see that support the type you chose !) Example Only McDonald Lofts Loft/condo living which appear to be mixed-use (grocery, video store and hair salon on main level and residential on top floors). Type B Alongside of building in large script letters is "McDonald Tire Company Limited" (indicating the building had a previous use or life) The outside bricks are red but look very tired and worn (give an example of why they look worn) indicating an older style of building #1 Hint: This location has only 1 main type of re- urbanization occurring here. Remember "new- wave piggybacking" has to significantly increase the usable square footage of a space. It is not true "new-wave piggybacking" if an added structure is used to simply increase natural lighting. Deloitte Canada Office 195 Joseph Street , Kitchener, ON Office space used by Deloitte Canada, one of the 'B ig F our ' accounting firms in Canada, offering services such as audit and assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax, etc. Type B Attached to the building there stands a large brick smokestack that has not been removed. This indicates that the building was previously used for some other purpose (an accounting firm has no use for a smokestack). Seeing as this smokestack has not been torn down, this indicates that perhaps the building has heritage or historical value that prohibits new tenants from demolishing it. The outside bricks of the building appear to be of an older style and the ir color looks quite worn out and tire d. This indicates that the building is older and that i t has maintained its original build throughout its transition . Although I can see new windows and features such as the glass entrance , the worn-out brick con tinues around the entire exterior . Thus, there does not appear to be any large new additions or extensions on the building. 1
GG102OC Wilfrid Laurier University #2 Hint: This building takes up an entire large square block of land. Its current function is best seen and can be summed up from standing at the corner of Charles St. W./ Victoria St. S. The Tannery Building The Lang Tanning Company Limited The building appears to be a sort of district. It is now used as office or store space by a variety of technology and artisan businesses such as Communitech, Desire2Learn, luxeappeal, and Abe Erb Brewing Company. Type B Across the building in large letters is written , 'The Lang Tanning Company Limited', indicating that the building had a prior use. The building possesses many windows along all sides of the exterior. This indicates that t he building was likely used as a factory as windows were a common feature incorporated into old factories to allow for the entrance of natural light. Thus, it is clear that the building has been repurposed. The bricks on the outside of the entire building look very worn and old, particularly those on the upper floors, indicating that the majority of the exterior has not been redone or renovated. Although the windows appear to be replaced and there are some modern additions, such as what appears to be a glass atrium/entrance, the original design and exterior of the building seems to have been maintained since its transition. #3 Hint: The building name (which is the same as its address) does not describe this location's overall use, but it is very evident what is going on here when 1 Victoria Street S, Kitchener, ON Otis Condo Building The building has been converted into residential condominium living. On the ground floor there also appears to be services such as a bank (Scotiabank) and a restaurant (The Round Table). Type C The façade o f the building is very modern and innovative in appearance . The design features a very sleek look composed of a black and grey exterior and many new windows . This is very fitting to the current trends and styles of modern architecture . The building itself appears to very new, as if it was started entirely from scratch. The bricks and windows of the building are consistent t hroughout the entire exterior, indicating that there was no new extension or add-on. In 2
GG102OC Wilfrid Laurier University you look at the ground level and then upward. the field, I was unable to find any historic plaques or an inscribed age, nor could I find an original name to indicate any sort of preserved heritage. There appears to be no trace of what the building once was or what it's previous purpose may have been. #4 Hint: This conjoined site (two separate buildings with same use) is best identified while standing on the corner of Victoria St. S. and Charles St. W. Look to the building closest to King St. W. for the correct type. This location has only 1 main type of re- urbanization occurring here. Health Sciences Campus of the University of Waterloo University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy Building The two buildin gs are currently being used for educational purposes as part of the University of Waterloo Health Sciences Campus in conjunction with McMaster University. Specifically, one of the buildings serves as the educational institution for the University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy. Type C The right hand building appears to be brand new and very modern, meaning it was built very recently. The entirely glass design which incorporates artistic elements (flower prints) on the exterior causes the building to look very futuristic and innovative. There is no indication as to what building may have been in its place previously or what the building may have looked like before it was redone/restored. The building is in great condition with no signs of aging. The smaller building on the leftha nd side appears to be fairly new and modern, although not as newly built and restored as the other. The brick of the building does not look to be very old or worn and the exterior features modern elements such as the large window wall and the glass tunnel towards the back of the building. Ultimately, it appears as though this building has been redeveloped and converted entirely from its previous state . 3
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