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WRC 1023
Oct 20, 2023
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Tsai 1 Tiffany Tsai Professor Glasscock WRC 1023 14 December 2017 Reflective Self-Analysis Diving into WRC 1023, it has come to my realization that I have both effectively and efficiently carried my skills from WRC 1013, and that I have yet to learn what it means to become a proficient writer. I have forgotten much of what I have learned about logos, ethos, and pathos from high school, but this semester has refreshed my memory and more. In Freshman Composition II, I was successful because I met the majority of the course goals, including competence and effective communication, analysis, argumentation through use of logos, ethos, pathos, and quantitative analysis skills; however, problems with personal responsibility and lack of confidence caused some setbacks. Although there were many changes to be made on my rough drafts, I made the necessary changes to make the final drafts and it made the argumentative essay better as a whole in terms of clarity and effective arguments.I was successful in WRC 1023 because I met the majority of the course goals through the help of my professor and peers. I am confident in saying that I can carry these refined skills into the real world and put them to the test in further essays, presentations, or research papers that I may come across at some point in my life.
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