ENPE 573/ENCH 619.48 Unconventional oil and gas exploitation Assignment 4 Answer Key Assignment 4 due on 10 Feb 2023 11:59 pm Note to the T/A. Each student will be presented with different calculation inputs when attempting arithmetic calculation questions. Please emphasize the method of solution rather than the answers presented in the answer key. 70 points if all questions were asked. However, only 4 of the 11 questions will be presented to any one student by D2L. The assignment perfect score will be 20 points. It is automatically graded by D2L. Calculation Question weight 10 10 Pool 0 Offered to each student 0 0 0 Multiple Select Question weight 8 8 Pool 8 Offered to each student 2 64 16 Mutiple Choice Question weight 2 2 Pool 3 Offered to each student 2 6 4 Total Pool 70 Offered to each student 20 Multiple Select Questions
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