c. 112 d. 18 8. What is the real name of quot;Warheadquot; in the Sega Genesis game quot;Vectormanquot;? a. Bitmap b. !Raster c. Vectorkid d. Peacehead 9. What is the main character039;s name in quot;Braidquot;? a. Boregard b. James c. Jackson d. !Tim 10. What Pokeacute;mon@39;s Base Stat Total does not change when it evolves? Larvesta Pikachu IScyther . Sneasel 0T 11. In the PAYDAY series, who is the iconic leader of the PAYDAY gang? a. Chains b. Wolf c. Hoxton d. !'Dallas 12. In the coop shooter Payday 2, which contact helps you break out Hoxton? a. The Butcher b. Vlad c. !The Dentist d. The Elephant 1. Who is the musical director for the award winning musical quot;Hamiltonquot;? a. Leslie Odom Jr. b. !'Alex Lacamoire c. Renee EliseGoldberry d. LinManuel Miranda 2. What is the name of Broadway039;s first quot; longrunquot; musical? a. !The Elves b. The Book of Mormon c. Wicked d. Hamilton 3. What was George Bizet039;s last opera? a. Les pecirc;cheurs de perles b. Griseacute; lidis
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