Reponse Week 5

Hi Stacy - Thanks for your initial post. I have always wanted to go to Disney but never had the opportunity. I live in Florida and was unaware of the discounted park passes. I am going to take advantage of those discounts from now on. This direct price discrimination strategy also makes it possible for residents of low-income families to visit Disney's theme park. However, this does cause me to think of nonresidents viewing this strategy as unfair. "In conclusion, this article clearly indicates that the prices offered to the consumer and those offered to others affect the formation of unfairness perception, negative emotions, internal reference price, and store choice" (Wu et al., 2012, p.113). Reference: Wu, C.-C., Liu, Y.-F., Chen, Y.-J., & Wang, C.-J. (2012). Consumer responses to price discrimination: Discriminating bases, inequality status, and information disclosure timing influences. Journal of Business Research , 65 (1), 106-116.
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