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Oct 17, 2023
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1/2 UGBA 157.2: Decision Making A non-exhaustive list of concepts for Weeks 1-8. Understanding Evidence Evidence-based decision making Experimentation vs. Correlation Components of an experiment: Independent variable, dependent variable, and random assignment Random assignment vs. Random sampling Outcome bias What do people think chance looks like vs. what does it actually look like? Gambler's fallacy Belief in the hot hand Two approaches to forecasting How to test whether we are in a high-chance environment? Sample size Regression to the Mean and the Fallacy of Interventions Significance testing and P-Hacking Exploratory vs. Confirmatory Investigations Motivated Reasoning Can I vs. Must I? framework What does and does not work to combat Motivated Reasoning? How do conflicts of interest influence people 's behavior ? How can motivated reasoning influence significance testing? How to persuade a motivated reasoner? Emotions & Intuition Two systems of judgment How can we appeal to people's int uitions for the purpose of persuasion? How do intuitions affect our judgment? When is intuition good vs. bad? / When does intuition lead us astray?
2/2 Heuristics & Biases What You See Is All There Is (WYSIATI) Availability Heuristic Anchoring Curse of Knowledge Attitude Projection Hostile Media/Mediator Effect Reactive Devaluation
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