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Kennedy 1 Taylor W. Kennedy Christine Hansen ENG1252EOL12 MD 4 08/18/2023 Pink Tax a Fact or Myth: How the Market is Driven by Costumers and Product Rather than Discrimination. The pink tax is the claim that women pay more for hygiene products due to Price discrimination, but is this the case or is it a perspective that has been pushed by "grievance feminists?" The narrative of the pink tax makes women look unable to think for themselves and shop for the cheaper products. This is why 1 think the pink tax is a myth, looking at the start to today I will attempt to justify why 1 believe this to be true. To do this I will cover the pricing of personal care products, pricing of services given, and what does this all mean when looking at the bigger picture? A. The history of the pink tax is accredited to the California state hearing held in 1994, a decade later the number given is still being used to push the agenda. The hearing focused on services and products price discrimination, passing an act in 1995 I will use the Lane source to give the dates and show how even nine years later the number given in never studies is still from 1994. I will use Guittar source to back my claim that even if the 1994 statistic is correct the market has change due to supply and demand. I will show how the 2015 study from "cradle to cane" used a two-decade old statistic, which was used as topic points in articles citing this paper. B. Women's products have been said to cost more than a man's product of the same kind, so how about we break down that claim and see if it still floats.
Kennedy 2 I will use the data from "Beyond the Pink Tax" to show that pricing is not gender discrimination. I will use Hadley's source of why she would rather pay for women's shampoo than a men's shampoo to show why most women are willing to pay more for the shampoos and lotions they want. I will cover NYC: Consumer Affairs 2015 "From Cradle to Cane" article debunking some of their chosen material to show why some women's items cost more and why others do not. I will use the Lane source to cover tariff tax and how that plays a role in price differences C. When getting services done the pink tax gives the idea that price differences are due to gender discrimination, but looking closer shows that it is a false narrative. I will use Meghan's source to show how automotive repair shops change prices due to how well informed the person is and less to do with gender. I will cover hair styling and care using Onwuka's source, citing her reason as to why women may pay more for services. D. Women are free to do what they desire because of the free market and should not be afraid to spend what they see fit; the pink tax is not true but just another boogie man to give politicians a lever to make more followers. I will reason that the variety of options for women's products has given freedom of choice and that choice will come with an expense. I will bring up Hadley's source, pointing out that women are the final decision makers on whether they pay more; no one can tell them which product to buy.
Kennedy 3 Works Cited Busse, M. R., Israeli, A., & Zettelmeyer, F. "Repairing the Damage: The Effect of Price Knowledge and Gender on Auto Repair Price Quotes." Journal of Marketing Research , 54(1), 75-95. 2017, https://doi.org/10.1509/jmr.13.0291 Gillespie, Lane. "The Pink Tax: Latest Updates and Statistics." Bankrate, 2023, https://www.bankrate.com/personal-finance/pink-tax-how-women-pay-more/ Guittar, Stephanie Gonzalez, et al. "Beyond the Pink Tax: Gender-Based Pricing and Differentia- tion of Personal Care Products." Gender Issues, vol. 39, no. 1, 2021, pp. 1- 23., http://proxy.indianatech.edu/login?url=https://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx? direct=true&db=a9h&AN=155022397&site=ehost-live&scope=site Guo, Hannah. "Think Pink: Analyzing the History and Future of The Pink Tax." The Varsity, 2022, https://thevarsity.ca/2022/01/09/history-and-future-of-pink-tax/ Onwuka, Patrice. "Two Truths and A Lie." Independent Women's Forum , July 23, 2019 https://www.iwf.org/2019/07/23/two-truths-and-a-lie-the-pink-tax/
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