MBA-540 Milestone 2 - Krista-Anne Goodwin

Comcast Corporation External Environment Analysis MBA-540 Krista-Anne Goodwin Southern New Hampshire University
Comast Corporation's Competitors AT&T American multinational telecommunications corporation Headquartered in Dallas, Texas The world's third-largest telecommunications company by revenue Revenues of $120.74 billion in 2022 Verizon American multinational telecommunications corporation Headquartered in New York City Generated revenues of $136.8 billion in 2022
Competitive advantages Comcast is the industry leader in technology and innovation and has a diverse product line that allows it to succeed in many market conditions. Product research and development allow Comcast to provide a different experience than other companies. Comcast has invested significant funds in network systems that provide a product to consumers that is better and more unique than the competition. In addition to product innovation, Comcast also focuses time and money on content delivery. This is the greatest area of opportunity and is one way Comcast differentiates itself from competitors. In 2011, Comcast acquired NBC providing a strategic advantage that is difficult for competitors to match. This opened up new opportunities and viewing options for customers, specifically including sports entertainment. Since customer needs change over time, the original product line of television, phone, and internet value bundles must be diversified to compete. This led to online content and live sports, allowing Comcast to deliver and compete in several marketplaces.
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