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Oct 21, 2023
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B&A Toy Warehouse BSBOPS601 Develop and implement business plans Assessment 3 Name: Niran Niranpakorn Student ID: 190047
Comparison of current performance Area: Required corrective action Time Average order processing time Reduce time from 80 minutes to 72 minutes Employees receive excellent training as a result of this. Training, coaching, and mentoring in the area of the update should be offered on a regular basis. To avoid squandering time, all staff must receive time management training. Review and implement time policy Monitor on time management system of the employees. Invest in cutting-edge technologies to reduce time and effort. Cost Average cost to process an order Reduce cost per unit from $200 to $180 Strategic human resource planning with training Examine the cost description and do some research. Determine and record the source of the cost-per-order increase. Analyze additional costs in the order process and take necessary action. If there are any gaps, start the implementation plan. Costs should be monitored until the end.
Corrective actions Area: Required corrective action Quality Error rate Reduce error rate from 10% to less than 1%, Effective training and coaching session to learn how to control production quality. Review error rate and identify if 1% is a realistic target by examining customer satisfaction and comparison to competitor's error rates. Streamline and standardize the procedure. Monitor the lapses and eliminate human errors. Errors should be identified, reviewed, and investigated. Production Average number of orders processed per day Increase average daily orders processed from 50 to 55 Effective training program on order processing quality and efficiency. Software updates to enhance the quality and increase the number of productions Examine and apply performance data.
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