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BUAD 301
Oct 9, 2023
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Priscila Arredondo Buad 301-10 Dr. Rodriguez August 29, 2023 Note one introduces the case method, explains its purpose, and how to use it efficiently. What I found interesting in this chapter was the tips and tricks provided when you are reading a case. The note describes how when you first read a case, it's better to establish the decision maker and what decision must be made instead of trying to highlight all the crucial facts. This stayed with me as I usually try to highlight the important facts in the first read, leading to me highlighting most cases. Using this method allows me to understand better what the case is asking of me, helps me identify the issue, and makes it more straightforward when finding solutions. What I also found interesting was the examples shown on how a case can be assigned. The note gave five examples, including oral presentations, discussions, and case analyses, all of which I have done in the past. With these examples, I can practice and consider how a case is presented. This helps me stay better prepared for cases, no matter their shape or form. To understand the Case Method, practice your analyzing skills and reading comprehension. Reading and analyzing a case is very important as you need to identify the decision maker and the decision to make. My advice would be to practice reading cases to improve your comprehension skills. I suggest practicing your writing skills, as it is crucial to the case method. There are many essential skills needed for the case method, and my advice would be focusing and practicing on paragraph structure and punctuation, making sure your writing is easy to read and adequately explains the decision being made, as well as thoroughly explaining the solutions provided with supporting evidence from the case.
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