ITL 600 Roadmap SMART Goals Planner-2 (2) (6)

ITL Program: Roadmap to Success ITL 600 Week 4 Name: Jazmyne Todd Credential: Multiple Subjects S List your goals specifically M How will you measure your success? A What actions will you put in place to achieve this goal? R Are your goals realistic? Attainable? Yes/No T List the timeline to achieve the goals. Be specific with dates. Intern or I am currently an intern. N/A. N/A Student Teacher Complete ITL600 I have completed the course. I will measure my success by seeing the grade I received in the course. I will work on all of my assignments in class to pass the course. Yes October 1st Credential Packet (cleared background check, negative TB test, etc.) I am in the process of getting my TB test after having my packet denied for not submitting the correct TB risk assessment. I will measure my success my successfully having my packet accepted. I will submit everything correctly. Yes Sometime in October. CBEST and CSET must be passed prior to taking methods courses ~ it takes 6 weeks to get test results back so plan accordingly! CBEST (consider timeframe to receive score report) I have had my CBEST waived by Westside Union Schools District. I have already measured my success by having my CBEST waived because of my college courses. Already done. Yes Already done. CSET (consider timeframe to receive score report) I have submitted paperwork to the university to see what can be waived. Once they send that back, I will schedule I will measure by actually having some of my CSETS waived. If not, I will measure by actually passing the tests. I will study and take the CSETS when I feel I am ready. Yes Hopefully around November.
ITL Program: Roadmap to Success ITL 600 Week 4 the Csets I need to do. Complete Foundation Core Courses (ITL 604, 606, 608) As soon as my packet is approved, I plan to enroll right into ITL 604 and 606. Once those two classes are done, I plan on moving into 608. I will measure my success by passing the courses. I will take the courses, do everything needed for it and pass them. Yes Hopefully around November/December. RICA (take immediately after ITL 516) My job has me doing a course for the RICA then I will go and take the Rica immediately afterwards. I will measure my success by preparing for the RICA and then testing for it. I will take the RICA preparation course and then take the RICA. Yes The course is November 8 th , I will go next session for the RICA. Complete Methods Courses **see multiple and single subject course list on Candidate Life Cycle Once I have finished the foundation core courses, I will go onto the multiple subject methods courses. I will start with ITL 510 and work to the other courses afterwards. I will measure my success by completing the methods courses. I will complete the methods course as soon as possible. Yes After I take the necessary courses I will move onto this one. I don't know exactly a date. Student teaching packet (at least 3 months prior to intended start of student teaching) This doesn't apply to me. N/A. N/A Yes N/A Intern Readiness I am currently an intern now. During I will measure my success by successfully I will work hard my first year and learn as much Yes June 1, 2023.
ITL Program: Roadmap to Success ITL 600 Week 4 this time I plan to get more familiarized with teaching as I am working through my first year. being able to complete my first year as an intern. as possible. Complete Clinical practice courses (ITL 550 and 551) I don't know if this applies to me since I am currently working as a teacher. If so, I plan to student teach in my classroom. This can be measured by completing these courses. I Will complete these when I start taking them. Yes I don't know an exact date for this. CalTPA (consider timeframe to receive score report) I actually plan on recording my first TPA this coming week. I want to have the first one submitted by October of this year. Once my CALTPA comes back and I have passed, I will measure it by that. I will record a few lessons and decide which ones I want to submit. Yes I am starting my first one October 4 th. Exit checklist with Credential Specialist to be recommended for a preliminary teaching credential I plan on doing this when I am closer to finishing the program. When my credential specialist tells me im on the right path, I will measure it by knowing that. I will meet with my credential specialist and discuss my preliminary teaching credential. Yes I don't know exactly when this is. OBTAIN A TEACHING POSITION *Collect letters of reference *Create a resume I already have a teaching position while dually doing my credential/ masters program. N/A. Have done. Yes. Already done.
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