Work Experience preparation Interview Questions-B302 Members: Khuzain Sadiq-101250464 Pouria Malekzadeh-101393699 Himmatsingh Parmar-101393594 Arnav Sharma-101393570 With your group, brainstorm 5 possible interview questions specific to the assigned job positing 1. Why are you the right fit to succeed in this role? 2. What attracted you to our company? 3. Where do you see yourself in five years? 4. How was your experience prepared you for this role? 5. What are your strengths/weaknesses? The best interview response for 3 of the questions above Why are you the right fit to succeed in this role? My experience in work environments within a team, and my strong place at business school, make me the right fit for the Product Control Assistant position. As a visionary colleague, I love creating presentations. Along with it, I enjoy profit and loss valuation, analysis and reporting, risk monitoring, and at the same time, coordinating processes with a collaborative attitude and high accuracy. Communication and interaction with senior management at RBC, of the top 5 banks in Canada, is an excellent opportunity for me to learn, grow and understand banking operations. Also, increasing productivity is one of the daily basis matters that I'm eager to leverage. Furthermore, trust is fundamental in business relationships, and I build it with my dedication to work, honesty, and accountability. Where do you see yourself in five years? I'm constantly seeking for new challenges; thus, I'd like to get my CFA certification in the next five years. This will enable me to take on more diversified activities that involve a thorough understanding of accounting concepts as well as a highly specific skill set. My objective for the next five years is to strengthen my leadership skills and move into a managerial post where I can use my problem-solving abilities to build better methods for enhancing the customer experience. I'm enthusiastic about the chances this work will bring me since I feel they will support my long-term professional aspirations and allow me to progress inside your firm while also allowing me to give back by applying the skills I'll learn. By then, I expect to be leading my own profit and loss reporting team. However, I believe it will take me at least five years to get there, therefore I am seeking for a place where I can study as much as I can and build my talents. I'd prefer to work with clear career routes and opportunities for advancement.
What are your strengths/weaknesses? I've always picked things up quickly. As I got older, learning languages, and then computing and coding attracted my interest. My ongoing ambition to learn new things, develop, and improve myself is one of my talents. My aptitude for problem-solving and invention, as well as my capacity to create and propose solutions for the advantage of clients, set me apart from other company's professionals. I am a procrastinator who only begins a task when the deadline is drawing near, and that is my biggest weakness. I tried to conquer my procrastination in college by doing my assignment a day before the due date. Eventually, I mastered this technique. I'm still working on this problem, but I've learned to prioritize tasks and schedule ahead of time to avoid procrastinating. Group Reflection
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