REFLECTIVE JOURNAL 1 2023F EPM 1183 2 _ONLINE 8 PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE AND ETHICS Importance of Workplace Ethics and How to Create Ethical Workplace by Tahir Abbas
WHAT The article emphasizes the critical role of ethical behavior in the workplace, which is crucial in any organization or business. It describes the concept of workplace ethics as a group of moral principles that help us make the right decision in any situation or challenge that may affect the organization and lead to a positive culture, efficient management, and maintaining our workplace's integrity . There is no right or wrong when it comes to rules of ethics. However, it is important to promote a positive work environment where employees feel respected and valued. Implementing ethical policies builds trust between employees and employers, and it helps them be productive and increase profits. These also help to attract and retain talents that help the organization build a positive and good reputation. The article also highlights the key role of the Manager in building an ethical workplace. To build an ethical workplace environment, they should develop ethical policies aligned with the organization's clear and specific values, including the expectations for their employee's behavior. To create strong ethical policies, managers should identify the obstacles in the way of ethical behavior and why employees are unmotivated and uncommitted, making the workplace negative and unproductive. Find solutions like employee recognition and appreciation, which help employees enhance their skills and be productive. This can also be done through special training programs and by promoting open communication that encourages employees to share their ideas and be aware of unethical behaviors within the organization. Any unethical behavior poses a significant risk to the company and should not be ignored. Therefore, conducting regular ethics audits helps the organization understand its viewpoint and avoid incidents against the policies. That is why disciplinary action is necessary to maintain a peaceful and productive working environment. SO WHAT The first thing that caught my attention was promoting honest and open communication , which, for me, is essential in building an ethical workplace. This is to encourage employees to become aware of any unethical behavior and feel free to speak out when they see wrongdoing and feel comfortable in raising their concerns. I found this part interesting as I have witnessed the effects of ethical culture in my previous company where I worked where I worked as a Hospital Assistant . The organization had a strict code of ethics, and employees were encouraged to always follow it. One of the company's policies is the anti-bullying. Bullying is an unethical behavior and is not tolerated in the workplace. To promote honest and open 1
communication, the Management built a platform where we can report any bullying acts in order for those people doing this will be punished, including suspension, demotion, and termination. Because of this, employees are more committed to their jobs and have a more positive attitude toward their coworkers. Managers also get insight into issues and solve them before they worsen. 2
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