Rehabtronics Business Development intern

#4350, 10230 Jasper Avenue Edmonton, Alberta Canada T5J 4P6 PHONE: (+1) 780-701-5167 EMAIL: [email protected] WEBSITE: Internship Opportunity at The Business Development (Sales and marketing) Department Edmonton Sep 11, 2023 This is an amazing opportunity with Rehabtronics to learn about the commercialization process for medical devices from research to clinical applications and learn about Sales and Marketing by "hands- on" work with our Business Development team. As part of your experience in this role, you will also learn the differences & similarities in compliance requirements for market claims and messaging in US, Canada, and EU. In addition, you may also assist with Regulatory requirements and processes as they apply to Medical Devices and clinical testing. Since regulations are a major part of medical device industry this can be an excellent opportunity for you to gain insight into challenges facing any commercial medical device company. Your day-to-day operations activities will include, but are not limited to: Assisting with market research, prospecting, and customer data base management Assist with prospecting and building a customer database Assisting with creating a collateral material for medical device advertising Assisting with handling documentation in the sales and marketing department Assisting with online marketing initiatives Assisting with regulatory requirements and clinical testing Assisting with other day-to-day Regulatory affairs for Medical Devices, as needed If you are interested in this position, please apply to the relevant folder on A2L. *This position is designed for remote work. Page 1 of 1
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