Conflict Ch Sums W7

Hendren 1 09051 Professor Sandy Lynn GBUS3333 Conflict Management February 27 th , 2023 Summaries Week 7 Chapter six of Resolving Everyday Conflict talks about engaging with others, particularly with corrections. The Bible does tell us clearly that there will be times when we need to address others' shortcomings, but this is an opportunity to restore rather than an opportunity to prove we are better. We are to gently engage with others, not aggressively do so. We also should not be eager to make these corrections and should do them when needed, remembering that we too are flawed. Pages 110-132 of the Hocker text talks about power, the structure of conflict. Power is a creation of various systems and is not possessed by the individual, but instead determined by that system and participants' reactions to that system. This involves a recognition that power is only given to those that others depend on, and it is a fluid recognition that changes throughout a lifecycle.
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