Chapter 5- Critique the Professionals

Dathel Felts BUS 215 September 15, 2022 Chapter 5- Critique the Professionals Professional communication is the key to delivering information that can be effectively used to give people the information that they need to know. A lot of the times effective communication can come without thought and become a natural habit. Usually, depicting a message can be shown through a couple different sources of communication. A medium is either verbal or nonverbal communication. A channel is the way it is distributed. The correlation between a medium and a channel is both of them need each other in order to delay a message. News about anything can come through to people through a medium channel. The example that I have chosen that would be more effective in another medium would be social media. Taking a look at instagram, snapchat, facebook, twitter, and tik tok, you can see how easily it is to learn about a certain topic. Through a digital channel it would be more effective because of the accessibility and convenience. Learning about whats going on with a person, business, or society can be easily communicated through social media. It is faster to see it through daily used media. When different pages on social media can convey a message through to their followers, they can easily access the information that they need to know. Social media communication is the best thing in our society today. People all over the world can access the tiniest bit of information just by looking at a post. Many individuals tend to look at social media to know whats going on, see what people are doing, and see the way things are happening. The advantages of visual and digital communication are the opportunities for immediate feedback from the participant, twenty-
four seven access, and can reach geographically. These advantages make it a more effective approach to effective professional use of social media instead of written communication as a medium-channel.
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