Business Assignment 5.1

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BIOG 165
Oct 16, 2023
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Mason Blasik Business Assignment 5.1 10/3/2023 Step 1: Three things that motivate me at work are positive feedback from management, consistent raises, and extra time off. Three things that a manager can do to "de-motivate" someone are micromanage, talk down to their employees, and continuously raise standards so high, that eventually goals are nearly unattainable. The last one may seem out of the ordinary, but it comes from personal experience from my work. Those three things really lower morale. Under our current supervisor, morale has arguably been not existent. Step 3: I sent an email to a few close coworkers, who know my personal work environment better than anyone other than myself. I posed the two questions listed above; the answers were similar to mine. The consensus to the first question, "What three things motivate you at work?" were more money, time off, and room for advancement. The consensus answer to the second question, What three things do managers or supervisors do that "de-motivate"? were being micromanaged, being talked down to, and being slow at work, things haven't been that busy for our company lately.
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