Final Essay

Day 1 Final Essay Madison Day Southern New Hampshire University 10/15/2023 Prof. Brandon Barney
Day 2 Final Essay During the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, countless individuals were forced to transition to remote work or online schooling. Considering this, Yendor Felgate wrote an insightful article offering valuable guidance on how to navigate the challenges faced by international companies during this time. In fact, the article stated that this was the "World's largest work-from-home experiment" by Time magazine. Felgate's advice is specifically tailored for managers and team leaders, providing actionable steps to overcome the obstacles that arise in a remote work setting. To support his claims, he references trustworthy sources such as Time Magazine and Gallup. This article is an excellent resource for anyone seeking guidance on how to operate successfully in a remote work environment. The authors' main claim of "Managing Virtual Teams" is effective because it assesses the need for stronger communication, identifies problems like setting expectations early on, and illustrates how companies need to rely on trust- building. In their article, the author asserts that managers and team leaders must adapt to the challenges of the pandemic to create a productive work environment. Felgate emphasizes the significance of open communication between managers and employees as a crucial factor. The author notes that a major issue faced by many companies is a lack of communication. They suggest that managers should strive to strike a balance between providing adequate supervision and excessive monitoring to effectively transition to a remote work setting. As stated in the article "Employees who are accustomed to working in-house may feel cut off from the resources, information, or relationships they need to do their jobs well, so plan for more conference calls." (Felgate, 2020). Felgate continues to provide ample information on how to effectively improve communications in this virtual world we live in.
Day 3 It is very important that these companies set expectations early on with their employees to avoid conflicts and missed deadlines. Felgate expresses that "Managers must make expectations crystal clear: X is the work you should do, Y is the quality standard, Z is the deadline." (Felgate, 2020). For a successful workplace, it's important for employers to communicate their expectations to their employees from the beginning. Effective communication is essential in the modern workplace, where conference calls and individualism are key factors in increasing productivity and reducing the need for micromanagement. Conference calls allow team members to collaborate and communicate remotely, enabling them to share ideas, discuss progress, and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Encouraging individualism among team members fosters trust, responsibility, and ownership, leading to improved motivation and performance. By embracing these practices, organizations can create a more adaptable, and effective workforce that can thrive in today's fast-paced and competitive business environment. Felgate highlights the importance of building trust and supporting managers. Managers may face a challenge when management practices change abruptly. Some managers may struggle to trust employees they cannot physically see. The article states that "All of them will have to manage workers in a new way, and fast. So, managers will need support - practical and emotional - during this tough transition." (Felgate, 2020). It is possible for managers to worry about the impact on their workflow and believe that being physically present is necessary to coach their team effectively. That's why it's important to establish trust and provide support to both managers and employees. The article by Yendor Felgate provides a thought-provoking perspective on rethinking, reimagining, and re-engaging with employees. Felgate makes a compelling case by presenting a wealth of data, which not only lends credibility to his argument but also establishes its relevance.
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