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ADM 3318 - International Business Assignment Description: Critical Memos [10% of final grade] Two brief Critical Memos ( 2 double-spaced pages written in Times New Roman font, size 12 ), each worth 5% of the final grade, are due at the end of the two Asynchronous weeks, as for the calendar posted in the syllabus. Critical memos should not summarize the readings due for that week. Rather, they should critically engage in commenting and generating thought-provoking insights on specific dimensions of the topic being examined . Your memo must convey one main critical argument that expresses and justifies your personal insights resulting from an in depth reading of the course material and the subsequent reflection over their content and implications . Here are some examples about how you can go for your memo: 1. Identify a news that contradicts/reinforces/expand a concept or framework or position discussed in the lecture/manual/reading/news articles that were assigned. Elaborate on how the real-world happenings described in the news relate to the course content. For example, is the news at odds with a position or argument presented in a reading? 2. Formulate one or two questions raising doubts about the effectiveness/strength/importance of a concept or case study examined in the lecture or assigned reading(s). Elaborate on that, providing examples and/or conceptual arguments that support the value of your questions. No need to provide a definitive answer to your own questions. The task is to create doubts and highlight weaknesses in mainstream thinking on international business. 3. Draw the attention on some unexplored implications of the concepts/frameworks/cases/news examined in the class. E.g., is any concept explaining more than the manual or the professor suggest? Is there any dark/bright side of a specific business experience that is not dealt with? In the next page, you will find the rubric I will use to mark your Critical Memos:
Assignment Rubric: Critical Memos Grading Item Indicators Score Logical strength of your critical argument Is your argument logically sound, rational, and coherent? Do you convey your argument with conceptual clarity? ___ / 25 Critical argument is well supported Do you provide a reasonable justification in support of your argument? Do you use examples, comparisons, or evidence to support your argument? ___ / 20 Depth of the argument Is your argument original and the result of in-depth reflection and engagement with the topic? Does your argument move beyond a mere repetition of concepts and examples examined in the manual or articles? ___ / 25 Structure Is the structure of your essay facilitating the flow of your argument? Are you using clear, short, well-structured sentences? Are you using paragraphs to structure and convey single ideas? ___ / 15 Expression Is the paper free of grammatical and spelling mistakes? Do you cite the sources of your information and reference them in APA format? __ / 15 TOTAL ___ / 100
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