Communicating to Different Audiences 8-1 Assignment: Email Southern New Hampshire University MBA-540 - Q5832 Organizational Strategy in a Global Environment Module Eight - Assignment: Email Alyssa DeSantis
8-1 Assignment: Communicating to Different Audiences DeSantis To: All affected employees From: Director, Strategic Planning Subject: Upcoming change in benefits effecting January 1 Dear Affected Employees of Module Eight Company, Module Eight Company has had the same benefits provider for the last ten years, and with the end of the contract approaching, we, the employees, will see some changes (Southern New Hampshire University, 2022). Benefits have remained the same or even decreased in some areas, but the premiums and the cost to the company have increased every year (Southern New Hampshire University, 2022). Some of the concerns employees have shared about the current provider include the cost, co-pays, coverage and options (Southern New Hampshire University, 2022). To better meet the needs of our company and employees, the benefits team began reviewing and meeting with other providers over the last year to conduct due diligence before deciding on a new program administrator (Southern New Hampshire University, 2022). In reviewing other providers and keeping the company's needs and your feedback in mind, the following criteria were considered in the search: Price of premiums, Lower deductibles, Improved plan options for dental and vision, Inclusion of health savings or spending accounts, Improved long- and short-term disability coverage, Wellness programs and Reduced premiums for nonsmokers (Southern New Hampshire University, 2022). 2
8-1 Assignment: Communicating to Different Audiences DeSantis After extensive review by the benefits team, a new program has been selected. We will see the following improvements to the benefits package offered: Plans with multiple deductible options, Health care savings account, A wellness program that offers access to a weight loss application, incentives for wellness visits and activity logs, and reimbursement for gym memberships and smoking cessation programs and Improved dental plan (Southern New Hampshire University, 2022). Additional benefits included in the new program include: Reduced premiums for the employees engaging in wellness programs, Additional reduction in rates for in-network usage and The option of a "gold plan" for executives that is significantly more cost-effective than the previous plan (Southern New Hampshire University, 2022). The benefits department has been hard at work meeting and reviewing program options and felt these changes would greatly benefit the company and employees. We believe our community members will be happy and benefit from our decision to include plans with deductible options, access to a health savings account, wellness programs with a reduced premium for engaged employees and an improved dental plan. The benefits team expects little disruption with the change of our benefits plan. With our current plan ending at the end of the year, the new plan will go into effect on January 1 of the upcoming year. Please keep an out for open-enrollment communication. The new plan will be rolled out during open enrollment to take effect on January 1 . Please note that you will not 3
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