Finding the Right SideWeek 4

Finding the Right Side Part 4
Scouting For Land Before you start searching for land you should get some things together. 1 . Write up some material about who you are, why you want to farm and what your farm is all about. 2. Print theses up into some catchy flyers that you can post around on bulletin boards at places like health food stores, community centers and garden clubs. 3. Make up some business cards for yourself that you can pass around when you meet people. Carry business cards with you at all times, in case you meet someone and need to have them remember you. Always make sure to get heir name and information as well so you can follow up. 4. Build yourself a simple website that describes what you want to do, so you can direct people there.
Mapping Software Before you start pounding the pavement in search of urban plots to farm, do some scanning of your desired area with mapping software. Ex: Google Earth or Google Maps The online research could save a trip by finding out some basic things first.
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