SWOT by Tanjim Rahman Rifat BUSN119008 Centennial College Professor Shanks Seetharam
As an international student, I have never held a job back home. I would like to share one of my school senior Mr Mazher work evperience with these 11 employability skills , which are divided into three categories. Communicate In every workplace, communication is a crucial component. The ease with which you connect with employees demonstrates your aptitude for verbal exchange. However, the language we use at work has an effect on how people perceive us. As I know Mr Mazher communication at work is so open and honest. Every organisation or corporation will eventually run into difficulties. In order to deal with the circumstance, the supervisor or lead position manager must act well towards the staff members in order to give them the motivation to work hard and do their tasks properly with a renewed sense of purpose. I got an idea from him that he is very polite in workplace and awalys give effort to motivate his coworkers at work. Managing Information As I mentioned before, Mr Mazher works as a government contractor, so he has a lot of work to do, therefore managing information is another crucial component. His organisation of all the business records and documentation is excellent. He found finding every business document by doing this to be incredibly simple. Additionally, he visited the work site regularly to obtain information that would help him work faster and more efficiently. At the time, he used to take notes and record all of his notes on a foulder so that he could continue to work effectively. Using Numbers Numbers are the most important factor in business, and we have all studied maths in school or college. There was no risk at the moment, but it had a significant impact on the business. Given that Mr Mazher comes from business field, he undoubtedly has a wealth of knowledge regarding math and numbers. He works with numbers quite a lot because he must determine daily investments, the results of those investments, and other things. However, he calculates a significant number of workers selary about—100-120 people—for each week. Thinking and Problem-Solving Problems will inevitably arise at work, and everyone will have to deal with them. The question is how to deal with them. One of the greatest ways to handle this is to think through the issue and find a solution. If you can identify the issue and the cause of it, you can think about and work through the issue with ease. I remember once I asked Mr Mazher that how he deal with problems at work and managed pressure . He provided me with a clear response, stating that he first determines the cause of the issue before determining a solution. This is how he resolves issues in his business. Demonstrating Positive Attitudes and Behaviours
Some factors, such as behaviour, should be the emphasis of the job in order to operate things properly. A positive attitude among the staff can make them more productive. Good interactions with them encourage them to work efficiently. Mr Mazher is a person who never criticises employees, even though they frequently make mistakes in their work. He thinks that positive behaviour and actions might encourage employees to do work successfully. Being Responsible Being responsible entails relieving yourself of the burden of doing the task ahead of schedule. Being responsible is essential to doing business. If the work is completed on time and efficiently, it indicates that the person who is behind on it is very liable for it. I got a proper idea about responsibility through observing how responsible Mr Mazher is. I saw him to managing work and family life by providing the right amount of time. Being Adaptable In order to succeed in business, a person needs to be adaptable in all conditions and strong enough to handle challenging situations. Some folks have an extremely difficult time adjusting to the new arrival circumstances. Since Mr Mazher has been doing this business for a long time, he has expertise in dealing with similar issues and is able to adapt to changing circumstances. Learning Continuously One of the most vital factors for any businessman is learning from business. Continuous learning is mostly practising how to get back up after failing. To operate even more productively, constantly accumulating ideas from any business situation is quite useful.He told me that he experienced difficulties when he started his profession. However eventually he learned how to stand by constantly learning. Working Safely The workers use a lot of large, risky tools at my father's work site. If they use it improperly, it might be quite harmful. Therefore, everyone is aware of the importance of working safely, but as the company's owner, Mr Mazher still keeps an eye on everything and instructs the staff on how to use all of these tools safely. Working with Others Working with others refers to managing a project in collaboration with another individual, a group, or even two business partners. Mr Mazher runs several different construction businesses, some of which require him to collaborate with a partner because they are large projects, while others are run alone by him. Participating in Projects and Tasks In the workplace, managing projects and tasks is a must for businesspeople. He occasionally has to deal with a brief project that needs to be completed by a certain date and requires a little time.
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