Vadim Borisov- Resume, Sport Marketer

Vadim Borisov Sport Marketer Contact Phone: +1(438)922-7196 Email: [email protected] Location:1520 Vincent Massey Dr Cornwall ON K6H 5R6 Canada About me: My name is Vadim Borisov , my full name is Vadim . I am 23 years old . I am from Russia; I grew up in a city called Chelyabinsk and in which I have been live for 15 years. Then I transferred to America where I lived for a year and then I transferred lived in Canada for 4 years. Also, I played hockey for 11 years as hockey goalkeeper . I was also a player in such leagues as NAHL (New Jersey "Titans") and NCDC (Boston "Cyclones") . I also understand modern hockey and its current trends . Career objective E xperience to developing a product concept, the ability to plan financing, write reports, the ability to prescribe in detail the style and theme of the event, draw up reports , development of an advertising and PR campaign, resolve legal issues, conclusion of advertising contracts with athletes , the ability to work with the media and journalists. Additional Skills: Increased work ability Team Leadership Strong communication Organization and prioritization Working into the team Education: Schools: High school "Leader" 9-11 classes (2017-2020), city: Chelyabinsk, state: Southern Ural, country: Russia. High school "Ontario Hockey Academy" 12 class (2021-2022), city: Cornwall, province: Ontario, country: Canada. College: College "Humber" 2 years (2022-2024), speciality: Sport Marketer, city: Toronto, province: Ontario, country: Canada. Experience: Volunteer in team NAHL New Jersey "Titans", city: New Jersey, (2024-2026) Volunteer in team NCDC Boston "Cyclones", city: Boston, (2026-2027)
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