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Mozeleski 1 IFL Assignment Ethan Mozeleski School of Business, Liberty University BUSI 336: Introduction to Entrepreneurship Dr. George Young September 19, 2023
Mozeleski 2 Introduction This paper examines the application of Proverbs 22:1 from the Old Testament to the world of entrepreneurship. The importance of reputation and honesty is emphasized in this verse. It is thoroughly analyzed in its biblical context in Section One. The ramifications of this verse for entrepreneurship are explored in Section 2, emphasizing the value of reputation and trust in businesses. Section Three provides helpful advice on how business owners might apply the idea of "good stewardship" to their new ventures, focusing on moral business conduct, client-centered strategies, environmental and social responsibility, and open communication. The main takeaway is that putting reputation and ethical behavior first can help businesses and entrepreneurs succeed in the long run and positively impact society. Section One- discuss the Bible verse Proverbs 22:1 highlights the worth of one's reputation, which is treasured even more than actual success. It implies that building a solid reputation is a valuable asset that should be valued more highly than acquiring great wealth. Multiple forms of wealth exist. Solomon emphasizes the importance of character and reputation as being more valuable than financial prosperity. It is a message that is timeless and is still applicable to anyone who wants to lead moral and upright lives. Beyond tremendous wealth is the wealth of respect and acknowledged character excellence, a good name (Guzik, 2020). This phrase in the Bible advises people to live moral lives and uphold their integrity because one's reputation reflects one's deeds and character. Another verse that relates to stewardship is Luke 16:10. This verse emphasizes the idea that one's character and aptitude for more considerable duties can be judged by how faithful they are in the
Mozeleski 3 little things. This advises us that, regardless of their size or importance, being a good steward requires fidelity and honesty in managing resources and obligations. Section Two- Discuss How the Bible Verse Relates to Entrepreneurship Proverbs 22:1's lesson has a direct business application. Trust and reputation are essential in business. This passage emphasizes the importance of establishing a favorable reputation for your business, which entrepreneurs frequently attempt to do. A solid reputation in the industry suggests dependability, honesty, and moral behavior, which draw clients, financiers, and business partners. A solid reputation is vital for long-term success in today's connected world, as word-of- mouth and online reviews circulate information quickly. Entrepreneurs who prioritize their brand's reputation are more likely to win over stakeholders' confidence, which can open up new opportunities and promote sustainable growth. Section Three- discuss how you could include "good stewardship" practices into your new startup. It is wise to apply "good stewardship" principles to a startup, according to Proverbs 22:1. Ethical business practices, a client-centric approach, environmental responsibility, and social responsibility are the four methods that I should consider with a new start-up idea. Entrepreneurs should put ethics first in all facets of their businesses. This involves treating employees fairly, being truthful in marketing, being open with investors, and abiding by legal and regulatory standards. They can establish a reputation for honesty and dependability by doing this. (Cunningham, et al, 1972, p.77-89) Secondly, stewardship includes emphasizing client satisfaction and providing high- quality goods or services. Entrepreneurs should actively seek customer input and apply it to
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