QSO 321 Module Two Assignment Template

QSO 321 Module Two Assignment Template Complete this template by replacing the bracketed text with the relevant information.
Criteria Japan Ghana Brazil Authority Figures Authority figures are treated with the highest respect. There is a hierarchy that plays a role in business interactions. It is crucial to demonstrate deference and politeness towards those in positions of authority. Actions that show response include bowing and addressing using titles. (Scroope, 2021) Figures of authority are treated with respect. Arriving on time for meetings and appointments is a sign of respect as well as addressing colleagues and superiors by their titles and last names. Acknowledging the rank and seniority of individuals through titles and formal language is essential. ( Ghana - Business Travel 2018) Figures of authority are typically treated with respect, but the approach is more relaxed and informal. Respect is built through personal relationships and social interactions. Taking time to get to know superiors and colleagues on a personal level is a way to show respect and build trust. Respect for older individuals is ingrained in Brazilian culture. (Bbportuguese, 2023) Levels of Formality Ultra-Formal : Meetings adhere to strict Japanese customs, with deep bows, respectful language, and a strong emphasis on hierarchy and being on time. They are prevalent in traditional Formal: Meetings follow standard business etiquette with polite language, titles, and punctuality. Professional attire is expected, and they are structured and formal. They Formal : Strict etiquette, polite language, titles, business attire, and punctuality. Common in corporate and with seniors. Semi-Formal : Blends formal and informal, allowing for
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