3 WHYS #1 Opportunity

3 Why's for your #1 Internship Opportunity Your Top Company Name: TWR International Internship Position you are most interested in within that company: Accounting and Finance Intern Direct Link to the Internship and requirements: https://app.joinhandshake.com/stu/jobs/3993439?ref=preview-header- click&search_id=e911a382-83ef-4b1f-bc87-f2c00bd7bb36 1. Why are you interested in this Industry ? The primary reason for choosing this industry was because this internship combines multiple passions of mine. Spreading the Gospel and helping others through business and media is something I strive for in my future career. Being an international business major, this seems like not only an amazing experience but a beneficial step towards elevating my resume. 2. Why did you choose this company? This internship intrigued me because of its diversity and overall mission of the company. Being an international non-profit, Christian organization, who distributes audio media in over 300 languages in efforts to spread the Word in all areas around the world, is an incredible community to be a part of. I appreciate the company's efforts and would enjoy being part of this impactful organization. 3. A) Why do you believe this opportunity/job (position) is a perfect fit for you? I believe this opportunity is a perfect fit for me because I would genuinely enjoy being a part of an organization like this. Though I would put my 100% energy and effort in any internship/job, I believe there is a significant result when one is passionate with what they are doing. This position is right up my alley and is something I believe I will be successful in. B) Why are you confident that we should hire you above your peers? I am confident I can fit this role because I am skilled in many of the requirements and roles listed in the application. My knowledge in finance, business, journalism, and media sets me apart, as well as my ability to speak Spanish. I am positive I will be a great fit and will give my 110% every day.
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