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Journal 1 Module One Journal Emily Raup-Rodriguez Southern New Hampshire University MBA 540: Organizational Strategy In A Global Environment Dr. Bill Kelley September 18, 2023
Journal 2 The company I chose to apply to for the position of director of strategic planning is Airbus SE. Airbus always has been at the forefront of innovating new technologies, with a pioneering spirit that has redefined the aerospace industry. Our products bring people closer together, helping them unite and progress. We strive to continually push the boundaries on what is possible to safeguard our world for future generations (Airbus, 2023). Airbus SE as a company piqued my interest and I agreed with their company's vision as I reviewed their website. Their values are as follows c ustomer focus, integrity, respect, creativity, reliability and teamwork. These values shape the DNA of our business, reflecting the unique blend of qualities found in every member of our global family (Airbus, 2023). This company develops, manufactures, markets, and sells air jets, airbus helicopters, airbus defense and space. They work in the military/government sector with helicopters, military aircraft and connected intelligence. They work in the space system with developing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling satellites and more. Their global headquarters are in the Netherlands. They have a wide variety of products and customers. They sell to businesses like airlines, government sectors, healthcare companies and more. They provide businesses with aircraft, defense strategies, security services and even information from space satellites. These help our lives and businesses run better and feel more secure in the world we currently live in. Currently the work environment is volatile and uncertain, and people feel insecure. This company can provide security measures to make us feel safer. They provide military and healthcare with aircraft so we can provide the defense and care we need as a nation. It provides information or images from satellites in time of crisis, search and rescue or medical emergency. The biggest issue companies are facing is a shortage of employees with the virus outbreak we have been having for the past few years. It has made it difficult to keep people in positions and many are switching to more remote jobs instead of hands on. The
Journal 3 workforce does not have enough workers and the outbreak has put a damper on supply and demand of products and services. This can affect a company's revenue by making it harder to meet production goals with the lower number of employees available. It is also reducing the demand for certain products and services and supply of certain parts. Companys are all affected by the decline in people within the workforce making it harder to obtain parts or supplies at times delaying products and services as well.
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