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1 Strategic Approaches to Competitive Advantages Jonathan Rios Crespo College of Aviation, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University LGMT 420: Mgmnt of Production & Oprtns Dr. Constantine Koursaris October 22, 2023
2 Strategic Approaches to Competitive Advantages Starbuck Mission Statement WITH EVERY CUP, WITH EVERY CONVERSATION, WITH EVERY COMMUNITY- WE NURTURE THE LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES OF HUMAN CONNECTION References About us: Starbucks Coffee Company . About Us: Starbucks Coffee Company. (n.d.). Peiper, H. (n.d.). A new mission for Starbucks . Starbucks Stories. Starbucks announces strategic priorities and operational initiatives to accelerate growth and create long-term shareholder value . Starbucks Corporation - Starbucks Announces Strategic Priorities and Operational Initiatives to Accelerate Growth and Create Long-Term Shareholder Value. (n.d.). releases/press-release-details/2018/Starbucks-Announces-Strategic-Priorities-and- Operational-Initiatives-to-Accelerate-Growth-and-Create-Long-Term-Shareholder- Value/default.aspx
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