DURHAM . . %8 BRI | s Statistics Practice for Test #4 SUCCESS MATTERS Section 2: matching (4 marks) Required: e Match the sampling technique in Column 1 to the correct examples in Column 2 e Record your answers in the space provided e You will receive 1 mark for each correct match oo oown Stratified Random Sampling _________ A) 5 postal codes are selected at random. Surveys are sent randomly to the residents in those areas. Systematic Random Sampling ________ B) 2 students are selected randomly from each section of MATH 3200. Cluster Sampling ____________ C) 5 students play "rock, paper, scissors" to select who will go first. Simple Random Sampling _________ D) A table of random numbers is used to select 20 employees in a company of 423 people. E) Selecting every 30" widget off an assembly line, starting randomly among the first 30 widgets Section 3: Problems (25 marks) Required: ¢ Read each question carefully e Answer the questions in the space provided
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