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ABN 28130 302 000 | RTO 41297 | CRICOS PROVIDER CODE 03444C V 2.0 Last updated 15 November 2017 SITHKOP0O01 CLEAN KITCHEN PREMISES AND EQUIPMENT- Work Book Short Answer - Refer to the individual manufacturer's instructions to correctly dismantle and clean the equipment. - Sanities all safely disassembled parts with neutral detergent and hot 77°C water. - Rinse them and then dry. - Scrub all other surfaces with a stiff brush, neutral detergents and hot water. - Rinse the item and dry with a clean cloth or air dry. Q6: Describe how to clean and sanitise thermometers, measures and scales to ensure the safety of food prepared and served to customers. -Wash these items with neutral detergent and hot 77°C water. - Rinse thoroughly to remove any chemical residue. - If you not have water at this temperature, use chemical spray or sanitiser. Q7: Where should you store equipment once you've finished cleaning it? -In its designated location. - Back where it belongs. Q8: Identify five actions you should take when storing hazardous cleaning chemicals and sanitising products. - Look for HAZCHEM labels to help you identify and store hazardous chemicals properly. - Use proper security measures to ensure only authorised staffs has access to hazardous substances. - Store different classes of hazardous chemical separately. - Store chemical away from foodstuff. - Remove combustible materials and vegetation from storage area.
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