MT 400 Unit 6 Seminar Oprion 2

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MT 400
Oct 21, 2023
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MT 400-01 Business Process Management Unit 6 Seminar Option 2 Pearlie Aaron September 29, 2023
In the seminar, the main points discussed included: 1. The importance of people in business process management (BPM) and how they are essential to making improvements in processes. 2. The role of managers and supervisors in motivating and supporting their teams to ensure efficient and effective processes. 3. The concept of innovation activities, such as brainstorming, role-playing, and demonstrations, as ways to improve processes and solve business problems. 4. The significance of taking responsibility as a manager or leader and not blaming others when things go wrong in a project or process. 5. The introduction of the RASCI model, which stands for Responsibility, Accountability, Support, Consult, and Inform, as a tool to identify roles and responsibilities in a project or process. 6. The assignment requirements, including creating a RASCI table, describing innovation activities, and identifying performance management metrics. 7. Encouragement for students to use the virtual office for any questions or clarifications related to the assignment. Reflections and Questions: 1. The seminar emphasized the vital role of people in BPM, which raises the question of how organizations can better engage and motivate their employees to contribute to process improvements. 2. The discussion about blaming others versus taking responsibility highlighted the importance of a positive work culture and leadership that fosters accountability. 3. The assignment seems comprehensive, covering aspects of innovation, role clarification, and performance management. It would be beneficial to learn more about specific examples and case studies related to these topics. 4. The RASCI model is a valuable tool for understanding roles and responsibilities, but it would be helpful to explore real-world applications and success stories of its implementation. Overall, the seminar provided valuable insights into BPM, leadership, and accountability, while also introducing students to practical tools and assignments to apply these concepts.
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