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c) Navratri d) Krishna Janmashtami 4. What is the financial term for the total income a company earns before deducting expenses, taxes, and interest? a) Gross profit b) Net profit c) Operating profit d) Revenue 5. In computer science, what does "HTTP" stand for in the context of web communication? a) HyperText Transfer Protocol b) High-Tech Transfer Protocol c) Hypertext Tracking Protocol d) HyperTransfer Text Protocol 6. What is the marketing term for the process of making a product available for purchase in physical stores or online? a) Market analysis b) Market distribution c) Market research d) Market penetration 7. In civil engineering, what is the term for the process of testing and inspecting construction materials to ensure they meet project specifications? a) Material procurement b) Quality control c) Cost estimation d) Structural analysis
8. What are some important considerations in cryptographic key management? a) Secure generation, distribution, storage, rotation, revocation - prevent compromise. b) Relying on default vendor key management. c) Keys do not need special handling or access control. d) Focus protection only on public keys. 9. What ancient civilization, known for its ziggurats and cuneiform writing, developed in the region of Mesopotamia? a) Ancient Egypt b) Sumer c) Indus Valley civilization d) Minoan civilization
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