Unit 2 Discussion (4)

As we read in our textbook, there are 4 dimensions of competitiveness that can affect a company. These four dimensions are cost, quality, response, and flexibility. These 4 items can ultimately determine how successful a company is and can affect how they are in comparison with their competition. Many companies have a strategy as to which item or items they focus on more, or they focus on all these dimensions in order to help with their success (Presutti, 2013). The first dimension of competitiveness is cost. A great example of a company that focuses on their costs is Costco. Costco, a store favorite in my household, has many great prices on bulk items. Although a membership is required in order to shop with and at this store, the amount of money saved annually is more than the price of the membership you purchase, no matter the level. Due to research, I have done on this company in the past I have learned that there are some products that are sold that are sold under value. An example of this would be the rotisserie chickens. These chickens are sold for about $5 anywhere you go. Although this is the price they are consistently sold out, they actually do not make a profit. The reason the price stays consistent though is because many times consumers will come to get a chicken and leave with much more. Because they continue their shopping, Costco actually makes money and as a result this offsets the cost of the money, they lose from selling the rotisserie chickens at a lesser cost. From personal experience I can say that United Airlines is a company that focuses on quality firsthand. As someone who has flown to many countries and continents on various airlines, I have never had a better experience than those I have had on United. Although I tend to pay slightly higher prices flying this airline, there are never any issues with the service I receive, even if there are issues. This in my opinion, and many others that I know, is why we fly United as an airline. Knowing that any issue will be taken care of as a customer add the quality of the experience and makes me want to be a returning customer. Now according to customer reviews, Trader Joe's, another company my household loves, has one of the top response times of all major companies. This company has become a crowd favorite due to the fact that they not only have timely online responses but also have a great staff presence. With Trader Joe's having many seasonal specialty items and new locations constantly as they grow, there are many items that are new to
customers. These items may be known or new, and as a result many individuals may want to try them. Trader Joe's employees make sure that these items are available for tasting/sampling which also, like Costco, improves their satisfaction and responsiveness to any comments, questions, or concerns that individuals may have (Morgan, 2023). The last of the 4 dimensions of competitiveness is flexibility. Amongst customer reviews, Apple has been one of the top companies to be flexible when it comes to consumers. This is because they allow customers to not only book online appointment but also understand that their products are used not only daily but hourly or minute by minute. Because of this, Apple has created a flexible relationship with their customers due to the fact that they can schedule an appointment or walk in when it comes to the purchase of a new issue (Buchholz, 2023). References Buchholz, L. (2023, April 26). Top 10: Global Companies advocating flexible working . Sustainability Magazine. https://sustainabilitymag.com/top10/top-10-global-companies- advocating-flexible-working Morgan, B. (2023, September 12). 100 of the most customer-centric companies . Forbes. https://www.forbes.com/sites/blakemorgan/2019/06/30/100-of-the-most-customer- centric-companies/?sh=120c0e663c3e William D. Presutti. (2013). Understanding the Dynamics of the Value Chain: Vol. 1st ed . Business Expert Press. less
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